If you’re looking for a world-class, international private school in Charlotte, NC, you won’t find a school that provides a finer education at more competitive tuition prices.

Below, you’ll find our tuition fees for every year of study, helping you plan for the long term. You’ll also find information on one-time non-refundable fees, sibling discounts, exam fees, and other expenses to anticipate.

At the British International School of Charlotte, our fee structure ensures your child receives the best international education in a challenging and engaging learning environment. Your child won't just love coming to school — they'll be ready to take on the challenges ahead in life, at university, and beyond.


2024–2025 School Fees

The table below provides school fees for 2023-2024.

International Year Group US Grade Equivalent Age Program FT/PT Annual Fees
Early years Nursery
18-24 months 18-24 months 18-24 Nursery Half Day $15,330
18-24 months 18-24 months 18-24 Nursery Full Day $21,900
2-3 years 2-3 years 2-3 Nursery Half Day $15,330
2-3 years 2-3 years 2-3 Nursery Full day $21,900
Foundations: Pre-K
Found 1 Pre-School 3-4 Early Years Full Day $23,500
Found 2 Pre-School 4-5 Early Years Full Day $23,500
Primary: Elementary School
Year 1 Kindergarten 5-6 Primary Full Day $25,900
Year 2 Grade 1 6-7 Primary Full Day $25,900
Year 3 Grade 2 7-8 Primary Full Day $28,900
Year 4 Grade 3 8-9 Primary Full Day $28,900
Year 5 Grade 4 9-10 Primary Full Day $28,900
Year 6 Grade 5 10-11 Primary Full Day $28,900
Upper School: Middle and High School
Year 7 Grade 6 11-12 Middle School Full Day $31,900
Year 8 Grade 7 12-13 Middle School Full Day $31,900
Year 9 Grade 8 13-14 Middle School Full Day $31,900
Year 10 Grade 9 14-15 High School Full Day $32,900
Year 11 Grade 10 15-16 High School Full Day $32,900
Year 12 Grade 11 16-17 High School Full Day $32,900
Year 13 Grade 12 17-18 High School Full Day $32,900

Additional Information


We believe that tuition and fees should cover the full cost of providing a world-class education. Therefore, we do not ask for other financial contributions for our school. The only fundraising we do is for our student-selected charities.

One-time Non-refundable Fees

Sibling Discounts

We offer sibling discounts to families who will be enrolling more than one child.

Expenses to Anticipate

With yearly expenses in mind, we've provided a list of additional costs that our families may incur throughout the school year.

Exam Fees

Mid-year Starters' Fees

For families who start school mid-year, we have a Tuition Prorate Schedule. All other costs, such as application fees and new student fees, remain the same. 

The Tuition Prorate Schedule is approximately:


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