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Tanzania Expedition

Each year, students from NAIS Pudong travel to the Nord Anglia Education Global Expeditions Centre in Tanzania to participate in ongoing service work.

The expedition provides practical hands-on experience of working with other students from the Nord Anglia Education family of schools worldwide to assist another community in need, helping to develop future global leaders who want to make a difference in the world.

In 2016, twenty Year 12 students from NAIS Pudong, along with three teachers led by Service Leader, Ms Jane Kilpatrick, embarked on the 10-day trip during which they completed important projects at both a community school and for local families. At the school, students assisted in the construction of teachers’ accommodation, built desks and chairs and taught and interacted with the local students. Despite challenging conditions which saw them working in heavy rain, they completed much needed goat sheds for local families which, along with the gift of a goat, provide an important and long-term source of food as well as financial opportunity. They also installed solar panels and built smokeless stoves from mud bricks and cow dung.

Student Reflections:

“I am an economics student, and being able to see the very beginning of businesses and the start of what will become a future source of income was very powerful. When we built the goat shed, I realized that this didn’t only mean more milk or meat for the family, but also the start of what could develop into a source of employment and disposable income, which is what will possibly bring the whole country forward. I was able to witness how investment in services such as education or healthcare has a massive income on a country that is slowly developing into a more complex economy and a greater level of economic sustainability.” Anna L, Year 12

“Making the cement was a pretty difficult process as we had to sift five barrows of sand to mix with each bag of cement and fetch water from the tank at the top of the hill. It all had to be mixed together which was heavy work in a hot environment. Even then, plastering was a challenge. The fundis (skilled craftsmen) made it look easy but when we tried to throw the cement onto the wall like they showed us, a lot of it just fell onto the ground.” Van, Year 12

“Overall, I found that I have become more aware of the ethics of choices and actions of the volunteers set out to make a change, as well as the ethics of the locals who have to make do with the limited resources they have. This experience has enriched my perspective on how standards of living can vary significantly across the world, and I have also become more aware of the current solutions implemented in attempt to correct this imbalance.” Ashley, Year 12

“Many times…I felt like I wanted to do more than I could. I wanted to build more on the teachers’ houses. I wanted to help the woman who asked me for money. I wanted to give toys to the kids I met. I wanted to do a lot. Sometimes, even after finishing a really good day, I would feel that there was more to be done – and there was.” Anna P, Year 12

Service Leader, Ms Jane Kilpatrick:

“I can say with confidence that I have rarely been as proud of the achievements of a group of students. Our team quickly made firm friends with fellow Nord Anglia students from Mexico, Florida, Abu Dhabi and Hanoi and were quickly working together in effective teams. They worked in often challenging physical and emotional conditions: under blistering sun and torrential rain and never let it slow them down or dampen their spirits. Most of all, though, they showed a questioning, sensitive approach to the circumstances of those we met. Our students were humble as well as passionate, caring and determined to do the best they possibly could and the quality of their discussions, questions and comments was outstanding.”



  • Tanzania

    Community Projects 2016

    Over the course of their expedition to Tanzania, students from NAIS Pudong worked on community projects, such as installing solar panels and building goat sheds for local families.

  • Tanzania

    School Project 2016

    During their expedition to Tanzania, students from NAIS Pudong worked to improve conditions at a local school; helping to construct accommodation for teachers, and building desks and chairs for students.

  • Tanzania

    On Safari 2016

    Going on safari and experiencing the majestic beauty of Tanzania was a highlight of the expedition, with students even spending a night under the vast starry African sky.

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