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23rd September 2016

Our Learning Journey

It has been a week full of colour in Reception this week! The children have been busy little bees exploring colour in our Creative Area. We started off by looking and talking about the 3 primary colours. We continued our discussions by talking about what others colours we could make. We decided to put our thoughts and ideas to the test and had lots of fun mixing the colours together using our hands! We loved the feeling of paint on our hands and rubbing the colours together to find out what colour we had made. Later on in the week we looked at what happens when we add black or white to a given colour. We experimented with this on paper plates and we learned how to make pink, light blue and dark green and lots of other funny looking colours! 

The children have loved writing cards to each other last week and so this week we learned how to write a thank you card. We talked about using the word 'dear' instead of 'to' in our writing. The children have also learned how to write shopping lists. They have been using lots of food flash cards to create their lists and made many trips to Cold Storage for Mrs Smith. One less job to do at the weekend parents! 

This week we have been singing 10 Green Bottles and lots of number songs. We have tried really hard to practise our number writing this week remembering not to write our numbers the wrong way. 

This week we had our first visit from our Year 5 Reading Buddies. The children were really excited to meet them and we had a wonderful time getting to know our new friends in the Primary school.

The children are making great progress in their daily phonic sessions and some of us have started to use this knowledge to read simple words like mat, sat, pin, tin, in, it. 

Another fantastic week in RSJS, well done everyone!


This week, the students have learnt how to count from 1 to 5 in Mandarin. They have begun to trace the writing stroke order of “Left falling” and the basic number characters. They have also learnt a song about numbers to consolidate their speaking and counting skills. Online flashcards for you to use at home will be introduced in the next Weekly Round Up Email.

Physical Education

This week the children have been continuing to develop their ball skills. We have focused on sending the ball to a partner. In swimming the children have been continuing to work on their front crawl leg kick action with some children moving on to bettering their front crawl arm action.


In Music the children have been learning about the instrumental families, brass and percussion. We have been learning that there are two types of percussions, tuned or un-tuned. The children listened to a performance of the allegro of Beethoven’s 5th symphony to hear the different instruments being used.

Continuing Our Learning Journey at Home

This week during our reading sessions we have been discussing what a setting is and the characters in a story. When reading to your child at home you could use some of these questions. 

  • Who is the main character? 
  • Where is the story based? 
  • What is the setting? 
  • What happened at the beginning/middle and end of the story? 

To support your child at home we have attached number flashcards for you to cut up and practice recognising, ordering and play the missing number game. Here are some simple questions to ask: 

  • What number comes before 7? 
  • What number comes after 7? 
  • Take away a number, what number is missing? 

For children who would like to work on numbers beyond 30 

  • What two numbers make 58? 
  • What two numbers make 32? 
  • How would you make the number 69? 

For Show and Tell next week, could your child please bring in their favourite book to school. Please make sure that your child's name is on the book, so that it doesn’t get mixed up with any class books. 

Over the weekend you could discuss why it is their favourite book, what is their favourite part of the story. Who is their favourite character, who is the author and illustrator. 


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