At Dover Court International School, we have a 50-year history of providing pathways to success for all students. We are unique in Singapore in welcoming students with diverse needs and talents and we deliver on our promises, with bespoke programmes that enable every student to thrive, to flourish and expand their potential. Education has never succeeded with a "one size fits all" approach but few schools manage to personalise education in the ways that Dover Court does: three pathways, many qualification routes, blended and customised to each individual.

Our unique learning pathways allow all students to access learning at their specific level, learn and grow into happy and well rounded individuals, and prepare for their next step in study, training or the world of work.

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What do we do?

At Dover Court International School, we are passionate about inclusion. It is our mission to nurture the potential of every single student in a dynamic and challenging learning environment which values enquiry, perseverance and reflection.

Whether your child requires a short term intervention or more structured ongoing support, DCIS has a range of unique learning pathways that enable all students to access learning and experience success. We know that every student can achieve if they are given the right support and it is our passion to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which children can progress joyfully in their academic, social and emotional development.

At DCIS we treat all students as individuals. We know that all journeys are different and the same is true for learning. Students have different needs and learn at different paces, we understand this and have developed our programmes to accommodate for it.

Our supportive education programme starts in Early Years from the age of 3 with our Early Intervention programme, which is closely aligned to the National Curriculum for England. We adapt the programme to meet the individual needs of our students and are able to provide graduated levels of support across the three learning pathways.

In Secondary school, we offer students the opportunity to access a range of IGCSE courses as well as alternative courses that focus on English, Mathematics as well as life skills and employability through ASDAN programmes and vocational qualifications such as the International BTEC Level 1 in Business. ASDAN is widely recognised as an engaging curriculum that empowers students through personalised learning and choice. The courses motivate and enhance students' confidence, self-esteem and resilience. In addition, students develop core skills in teamwork, communication, problem solving, research and self-management.

For students in Years 12 and 13 we offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme as well as IB Courses in addition to the International BTEC Levels 2 and 3 in Business.


How we do it?

We graduate the level of support we provide appropriately to meet each individual student’s needs. The level of support provided increases across the pathways to meet the individual and changing needs of each student.

Learning Pathways at DCIS

Our learning pathways are structured as follows

Pathway 1 - The majority of our students follow Pathway 1 which provides support delivered through quality-first teaching in a differentiated mainstream classroom. Students in this pathway may also access short-term support in order to meet the learning outcomes through our learning support and therapy teams. This also includes students studying English as an Additional Language who will access a language intensive specialised English curriculum. Pathway 1 classes have a maximum of 24 students.

Pathway 2 - Our Pathway 2 also follows the mainstream curriculum but provides a greater level of support due to a higher level of need. Pathway 2 is aligned to the curriculum of Pathway 1 but outcomes are adjusted for each student. The student is taught in a smaller class, with 8-10 students, with a teacher and teaching assistant to provide a greater level of support. Classes are twinned with a Pathway 1 class for non-academic subjects to enable students to learn and socialise with their wider peer group, whilst receiving support to move to greater independence in other subjects. As and when appropriate, students will integrate into specific Pathway 1 classes providing a uniquely personalised learning experience for each student.

Pathway 3 - Pathway 3 provides the highest level of support for students with more significant learning and/or social needs. An individualised curriculum and support programme is developed for these students. Our Pathway 3 programmes offer more intensive support and resources delivered by highly trained Special Education Needs staff. The ratio of adults to students is increased and the class size is reduced to 8 students. Pathway 3 classes are located centrally within the school to enable access to a wide range of support services including; physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, as well as our educational psychologist. Integration and twinning plays an important part of the school day. Pathway 3 students play, eat and share many learning opportunities together with other students across the school to foster a truly inclusive environment.