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2nd September 2016

Our Learning Journey

The children have had another amazing week in Reception and we are feeling really settled and happy with class routines. This week the children have been encouraged to further explore their surroundings and try out new activities. We have been talking about not giving up when things get a little bit difficult and seek out help from our friends in the classroom rather than asking an adult. 

During class activities and Learning Journey time, the children have been feeling a lot more confident in finding tools, resources and materials for a particular project. They have become very independent in their learning and this is wonderful to see after only 2 weeks at school. 

During Circle Time, we have been talking about how we share our toys with our friends and how to include everyone into our games. 

In our Creative Area this week, the children painted their self-portraits. We spent some time looking in the mirror, discussing all the features on our face. The children have done a wonderful job and we are really proud of our work. 


This week, the students have learnt about transportation in the sea. They are focusing on key vocabulary such as ship, boat, sailboat and yacht etc. The children have played a game with flashcards to help them remember key words. Please refer to the link for the flashcards containing vocabulary words and key grammar structure. 

Link: https://quizlet.com/_2fi2rm 

Physical Education

The children have been continuing to negotiate space safely and independently, they have also been introduced to ball skills for next week's lesson. In swimming the children have continued to gain confidence in the pool through aquatic games and developing confidence with putting their head under the water. 


In Music the children have been learning about dynamics and the Italian terms we use to describe loud (F) and quiet (P). Students have been practicing following instructions from a conductor to respond to changes accordingly and to respond to musical stimuli. They have played percussion instruments and were able to keep a steady beat whilst singing simple songs. 

Continuing Our Learning Journey at Home

Here are some questions that you can ask your child at home to support them with their reading: 

  1. Look at the front cover and the title of the book together. Talk about what the book might be about. 
  2. Find out who the author and the illustrator are? Can you see their names on the book? 
  3. Read the blurb on the back of the book. Does that tell you a little more about the book? 
  4. While reading the book, talk about what is happening in the book. Talk about what might happen next. 
  5. Look at the characters in the book. Who is your favourite character? 
  6. Where possible, talk about how they are feeling? 
  7. Talk about what you would do if you were that character. 
  8. Talk about words that we don’t understand the meaning of. Share these new words with your teacher at school. 
  9. Can you think of an alternative ending to your story? Did you like the ending? How would you change it. 

As requested from Curriculum Evening, please find attached a list of High Frequency words for your use at home. Please note that we have not yet started to learn these words in school.and we recognise that not every child is ready to start learning them. You may work through them at your own pace at home. 

Here is a game that you may also choose to play at home. 



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