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30th September 2016

Our Learning Journey

The children in Reception continue to amaze us again and again. This week they have shown a real eagerness to learn and we have been really working hard in our phonic sessions. We are continuing to work through all of the sounds of the alphabet and we are slowing starting to use this knowledge to blend these sounds together to read simple words. E.g s-a-t=sat. We have also started to focus on learning our tricky words-remember these words can't be sounded out, the children need to learn these words off by heart. During each phonic session, the children are also learning how to form their sounds correctly and hold their pencil/pen the right way which we call the tripod grip. 

In Maths this week we have also been focusing on the formation of our numbers. Throughout our week the children have been using different number songs and simple maths games to help them with their number work. We have been looking at how many ways we can make 5 e.g 2+3= 5,4+1=5,5+0=5 and some of us have started to look at how many ways we can make 10. e.g 3+7=10,10+0=10,9+1=10. We have been using cubes, our fingers and other objects to help us understand this concept. Our challenge for this week is counting back from 20 which can be tricky at times but we're getting better with lots of practice. 

This week the children have been focusing on using their manners with their friends and teachers. We have been trying to sort out arguments and disagreements ourselves without telling a teacher. We talked a lot about how we can involve and include everyone in our games.


This week, the students revised 1 to 5 and started counting from 6 to 10 in Mandarin. They learned to ask “how many” and to say how much in Mandarin. They also read a famous story “First there is an apple” by Ito Hiroshi regarding the numbers. Please refer to the link for the flashcards containing vocabulary words and key grammar structure. 

Link: https://quizlet.com/_2ir2vl

Physical Education

In PE the children have been learning about the fundamentals of agility and this week the topic was turning. 

Swimming was cancelled on Friday due to thunder and lightning.


In Music this week, the children in Reception have been working on their singing voices, accompanied by un-tuned percussions they have played a strong, steady beat in fast and slow tempo. They have started to learn basic keyboard skills and music theory, such as finding middle C and playing a C major scale.

Continuing Our Learning Journey at Home

This week we have been looking at rhyming words, poems, songs and stories. At home, you could share any rhyming songs and stories you may know with your child and get them to spot the rhyming words. 

Work with your child to complete the rhyming activities which are attached to the email. 

For Show and Tell next week can your child bring in a picture or toy of their favourite animal. Over the weekend you could discuss the following questions: 

  •  Where does your favourite animal live? (forest, jungle, sea etc) 
  •  What country would you find your animal? 
  •  What does it like to eat? 
  •  Does your animal like cold or hot weather? 
  •  Is your favourite animal friendly, shy, fierce?


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