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    DCIS Proms 2016

7th October 2016

Our Learning Journey

The sounds of Africa have been heard throughout Reception this week, with the songs from 'The Lion King' being a firm favourite. The children were surprised to find out that the lives of children in Tanzania are different to their lives in Singapore.  They asked many questions about the up and coming DCIS trip to Tanzania and how they were helping by coming to school dressed as an animal.

In Mathematics this week they have been comparing two groups of objects, saying when they have the same number.  We have also begun separating groups of objects in different ways. The children even made their own tally chart to find out which animal costume was the most popular on Tuesday.  We have been playing Bunny Ears to help us with this.  The children still need more practice to recognise and write the numbers from ten onwards.  They have been using games, whiteboards, chalkboards and paint to help reinforce their numbers to twenty.

The children have been consolidating their knowledge of initial sounds.  They are starting to orally blend sounds in two and three letter words and are beginning to apply what they have learnt in their writing.  The children have been busy writing cards, signs and labels for the role play area. The children also enjoyed making posters for Children’s Day.  It's lovely to see so much of the children's writing around the learning environment.


This week, the students have learnt to count from 11 to 15 and a few words of object related to counting. They have also learnt how to say a phrase which combines number and measure words “个” & “只” and some objects. They also practised tracing the basic stroke - dot.

Physical Education

The children were extending their catching abilities by working with a partner and using their hand to eye coordination skills. In swimming, we were continuing to perfect our arm strokes in the water to ensure the children are using the correct movements.


In Music this week, children have continued to sing very simple songs broadly in pitch. They have been enjoying making sound patterns and tapping out a beat for their friends to copy. To do this the children used different parts of their body such as hands and feet to make different sounds.

Continuing Our Learning Journey at Home

At home try and look around the environment for teen numbers. See how many you can find and then write them down.  I bet that you will see a lot of numbers in books and in lifts.  Count how many you can find.  You can also have a go at playing the following games.




Next week's show and tell are all about your child's favourite toy.  Please discuss: 

  • What is it?
  • Why is it their favourite toy?
  • Who bought it for them and where did it come from?
  • What does it do?
  • How does it work?


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