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23rd September 2016


This week, in our English lessons, the children have been consolidating their understanding of how to write instructions. They linked their learning with our current project about toys and followed instructions to make a thaumatrope. They used this experience to go on and write their own set of instructions.


This week the children have been working on adding one-digit and two-digit numbers including zero. Some of the children are working with materials (fingers or counters) to help them to add two groups, whilst some of the children are working in their heads to count to a total. The children have also practised putting the biggest number first when they do simple addition.

Project Work

This week, the children continued their project, ‘The Magic Toymaker’. They made an illusion toy (a thaumatrope). They then recalled how they made this in English and wrote instructions to match. They also looked at the history of toys and placed toys from the past in a timeline.


This week, the children learned about the 5 senses and their body parts through a variety of activities, such as role play, language games, quizzes, songs, rhymes and a story. The words learnt included; eyes, nose, head, hands, mouth, foot and tummy. They learned to say “This is….”. Online flashcards will be introduced in the next Weekly Round Up Email.


This week the children learned how to do capital letters on the keyboard. This built on last week’s games by combining the lower case letter with the upper case letter. We will also do some mouse work on drawing the letters on the screen to continue to embed the mouse skills learnt in the first two lessons.

Physical Education

In lessons this week, children have been continuing to display improved hand and eye coordination when throwing and catching a ball. They have also been learning to play a simple team game that includes a scoring system. In swimming, the children have been continuing to work on perfecting the flutter kick technique whilst using a kick board to aid them.


In Music this week, the children have worked on keyboard skills. They learned how to use the keyboard as a tool to understand melody and intervals. They also started to develop their technique of playing 5 notes of the major scale using the correct fingering. They have listened to an interpretation of J.S. Bach’s bourree from the Cello Suite n. 3.


The children have received their new spellings this week.


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