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    DCIS Proms 2016

26th August 2016


In English this week the children have been concentrating on saying and writing sentences. The children have learned that the names that we give things are called nouns and that words that describe actions are called verbs. The children have also considered how they can use adjectives to describe things. They have tested their new knowledge by constructing sentences to include these words.


This week the children have been consolidating their number skills in preparation for learning more about addition and subtraction. They have practised counting forward and back, checking that they know the order of numbers that come before and after a given number. They have worked with numbers up to 100.

Project Work

During project work the children having been familiarising themselves with the topic of learning and answering the question ‘what learning means to me?’ This work will prepare the children for acquiring the knowledge, skills and understanding they require to learn in future project work.


This week, the children started the theme of ‘Going to School’. In particular, they learned how to greet one another, and focused on basic strokes and tracing activities. An online flashcards programme will be introduced in the next Weekly Round Up Email to extend their learning.


Computing class will commence next week.

Physical Education

This week the children have been working on their ball familiarisation skills as well as the ability to use space safely around others. They have begun to perform some basic throwing skills as they work independently and in pairs. In swimming, the children have been learning about safety in and around the pool, along with building their water confidence by playing a variety of aquatic games.


In Music the children have been learning about the instruments of the orchestra, how to recognise them aurally as well as deepening their understanding of timbre. They are also practising some on-going musical concepts like tempo, rhythm, pitch and dynamics.


The children will commence their homework programme next week. A range of spellings taught this week and next will be collated for the children to try at home.


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