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13th January 2017


In English we have been reading a range of stories which have recurring language. The children have also retold and acted out scenes from the stories they have read. In addition to this they have also written character profiles of their own chosen character and thank you notes in the role of a character.


Our Maths work has focused on place value this week. The children have been counting forwards and backwards in jumps of 2, 3, 5 and 10s. They have then used this knowledge to complete number sequences. The children then compared numbers using <, > and = and used what they have learned to solve problems. 

Project Work

This week we started our new project, Buildings. The children have had the opportunity to build the tallest free standing structure they can and have located a variety of famous buildings from around the world and put these on a world map.


This week the students had a review of numbers 1-60. They practiced counting and writing the numbers with the correct stroke order. They also learned to count the numbers before and after a certain number on the number line. They created their own number chart to help them count. Apart from numbers the students had a revision on the topics they had learned in Term 1 such as Transportation and shapes through games, songs, videos and speaking activities.


Pupil have been introduced to the user interface of a software package called Scratch.  They learnt about some key features of the software and begun to use it to write simple code.

Physical Education

The Year 2 swimmers have been reviewing their own and each other’s, freestyle and back stroke techniques this week. They have also been very keen to jump or dive off the diving blocks again.

This half term the Year 2 pupils are participating in athletics events. This week they have been learning & participating in team running games. They have also had to consider how they can improve their speed to help their team.


This week Year 2 students looked back on last term's music learning using a cooperative learning strategy called Inside-Outside Circle. In particular, students remembered the difference between beat and rhythm, and were able to apply their knowledge in pairs on keyboards.


This week we have been practising counting in 2, 3, 5, and 10’s.

Children should choose one challenge and complete the number sequences by counting forwards or backwards in the correct number. They can then use <, > and = to compare numbers.

This week the children have recapped what they learned in their spellings last term to help regroup them. This has meant there will be no spelling homework this week. Normal spelling homework will resume next week as usual.

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