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16th September 2016


This week the children have been using the information that they collected about their chosen birds and turning it into informative paragraphs. Once they had four paragraphs, they then put them together to make an information poster about their chosen bird including all the features we discussed last week.


In Maths this week the children have been working on their addition skills. They have been adding three 1 digit numbers and two 2 digit numbers using a variety of strategies. They have practised using cubes, number lines and some have even used the column method to add numbers more efficiently. These skills have been reinforced through real life problems and puzzles.

Project Work

Our project work this week has involved looking at where we live in the world and trying to locate the oceans and continents in the world on a map. The children then looked for patterns in natural objects such as leaves, rocks and shells. After this, they started to collect some materials to make an Andy Goldsworthy inspired piece of artwork.


This week, the students celebrated the Mid-Autumn festival. They engaged in various hands-on activities to heighten their awareness of this cultural celebration, such as designing a moon cake, literature response, poem recitation, song, lantern making and stories about the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration.

Year 2 Mandarin streaming has begun this week. Please watch out for the new topic which will be introduced next week.


This week we have been doing some problem solving using a game called Robot Island.  The pupils have to work out the logical steps needed to get the robot to the finish square.  The puzzles increase in difficult and pupils need to be intuitive and resilient to get to the higher levels.  Don't forget to ask them what level they got to at home!

Physical Education

This week in PE lessons we  have been developing our control when passing, receiving and moving with a ball in pairs.

In Swimming, we have continued to develop our freestyle and backstroke; looking at our arm action. We have also been introduced to sitting, crouching or standing dives as well as jumping into the water safely.


This week the children sang a modal two-part canon with dynamics. On the keyboards, they learned to play the incipit of this canon as well as the tonal song “We’re in it together”.


Maths - Using the number cards that we sent out last week, children should choose two number cards and add them together. They can use the strategies we have been practising in class to help them do this. Below are some links to videos that might prove helpful:

Number line addition

Adding using partitioning 

Column method addition

English - The children have been asked to rewrite sentences which are missing full stops and capital letters for proper nouns and the start of sentences. They should write these under the original sentence.

Project - We have been looking at the natural things around us and would like the children to find, draw or photograph their favourite types of trees. If htey know the name of the tree then they should record this as well. 


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