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20th January 2017


This week we have continued reading a variety of books which feature recurring language.   The ones we focussed on were ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ and ‘Hattie and the Fox’. These texts have helped us to explore speech, either by using speech bubbles or inverted commas (speech marks) in our writing. When reading at home, you may want to discuss the speech within the text discussing who is speaking and looking closely at the punctuation used.


In Maths, we have continued to look at Place Value. We have been partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and ones. First of all we used Base 10 equipment (dienes) to help us, then we moved on to drawing what the number looks like. We then used this knowledge to help us to solve problems involving Place Value.  When working with your child at home, you may want to ask them questions such as ‘145 - How many hundreds does it have? How many tens does it have? How many ones does it have? If I added 10 to the number, what digits will change? What will stay the same?’

Project Work

We have really started to explore our new topic this week. We have been looking at locating famous building around the world and finding them on a map.  We then focussed on buildings located in Singapore and how they have changed from 50 years ago. We had fun identifying what the same and what’s different about buildings now and in the past. We are very lucky to be surrounded by so much magnificent architecture.  When walking around your local area, you may want to discuss the buildings you can see. Are they old or new buildings? When were they built? What are they used for?


As Chinese New Year is around the corner, CNY activities i.e. arts and crafts, CNY songs singing, story-telling etc. were carried out in the classroom, providing students opportunities to take part in the celebration of one of the most important Chinese festivals, Chinese New Year or Spring Festival.


Pupils have continued learning about scratch by creating some simple programs and running them by using blocks of code.

Physical Education

In the pool this week the Year 2 pupils have been developing their freestyle breathing. Turning their heads to the side to breathe in and the turning it back into water. 

This week the year 2 classes have focussed on team relays using hoops, bean bags, cones & balls to pass to each other instead of a relay baton. The ice-cream relay was especially popular.


This week Year 2 students began a new topic - Ancient Instruments. Students learned about the Chinese pipa and how it can be played. Focus was given especially to the accelerandi (times where the music speeds up) which occur throughout a piece entitled 'Ambush From Ten Sides'.


Please can you remind your child to fill in their homework using a pencil.

Homework this week will be continuing from what we have been doing in class, Place Value. Children will need to partition numbers into hundreds, tens and ones. Also, explaining the value of each digit and what it represents. Remember that they only need to complete one of the challenges.

As our Project Work this half term is based around the topic, ‘Buildings’, we would like to challenge the children (and parents!) to build a 3D model of a famous building. This can be one that they have learnt about in class or they can conduct some research and find out about some different buildings.

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