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23rd September 2016


Our English work this week has focused on Stories from Other Cultures. We have read a range of stories from different countries around the world and thought about what features they have in common and some of the differences. We then identified the main parts of one of the stories we read and worked with our friends to create freeze frames for the main parts of the story.


In Maths this week we have been developing our subtraction skills. We have been using a range of strategies to solve problems, including using cubes, number lines and the partitioning method. We have been working on subtracting a one digit number from a two digit number and 2 two digit numbers.

Project Work

Our project work this week we have using natural materials to create pieces of artwork. We have also looked at skylines from around the world and identified the shapes we could use to create our own. We then used watercolour paints to create a wash and black poster paints to create the silhouettes of the buildings for our skyline.


This week, the students have revised counting from 1-10 in Mandarin. They have played a counting game with their classmates so as to consolidate their listening and counting skills. The students then continued to count up to 40 in Mandarin. Online flashcards will be introduced in the next Weekly Round Up Email.


This week we have been doing some problem solving using a game called Wheely on www.coolmath-games.com.  The pupils have to work out the logical steps needed to get the car to the end if the level.  The puzzles increase in difficulty and pupils need to be intuitive and resilient to get to the higher levels.

Physical Education

PE - Control & working in pairs have been central to the PE lessons studied this week. The pupils were passing a ball within a defined area to accumulate points. The aim was to improve the score achieved in a one minute period. 

Swimming - Freestyle & back stroke continue to be the two swimming strokes the children have focussed on this week.


This week the children sang and played on the keyboards an antiphonal and modal three-part canon with dynamics. In the frame of the Juilliard Creative Classroom, the children watched and listened to an extract from Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto. They learned and experienced shifts in texture and variations in dynamics. The children also learned the first verse of Mendelssohn’s Christmas song “Hark! The Angels”.


Maths - This week we are refining our number bonds to 10 using both addition and subtraction skills. Set a timer for 5 minutes and see how many the children can complete on sheet 1. Repeat this for sheet 2 and 3 on different days and see if the children score any more in the five minute time.

English – It has been brought to our attention that Year 2 children should only be set reading, spellings, maths and project homework. Therefore, there will be no written homework sent home. Instead, we ask that you continue to practice the spellings every week and read daily.

Project – In our project work, we have been creating skylines. We would like the children to describe a skyline thinking about the shape, colours, time of day and using as many interesting adjectives as they can.


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