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26th May 2017


In English this week, the children have been writing their own stories. They were shown a picture of a door and had to decide how it could be incorporated into their story.  Before they could begin writing they had many points to consider and questions to ask themselves. E.g. Who would be the main characters in the story? What will it be like on the other side of the door? What is going to happen to the characters? How will they get back through the door again? When writing they had to make sure that they wrote in the correct format of a story, using paragraphs. To make their story interesting to read they used adjectives, speech marks, time connectives and a wide range of vocabulary. Everyone worked really hard and the finished results were a joy to read. At home ask your child to tell you their story, and perhaps get them to create another one over the holidays.


We have been very busy in Maths this week, revising all the topics we have covered in Year 2 so far, and completing quick assessments to check what we have learnt.  We had to draw on all of our mathematical knowledge, from addition and subtraction to fractions and statistics.  At home ask your child what they have enjoyed the most in Maths this year and what they have found most difficult. This will help you to identify any areas they need to look over during the holidays.

Project Work

In Project Work this week, we have been making our own cool boxes, using the designs we drew last week. We took our shoe boxes and cereal boxes and transformed them using various materials to make them suitable for carrying frozen or cold food and drinks. This brought us to the end of our IPC topic, and we spent some time evaluating and reflecting on everything we had learnt and enjoyed. Everyone agreed that the best part was definitely the trip to Snow City! After the holidays we will begin our final IPC topic- ‘Let’s Go On Holiday.’


This week, students focused on revision for the topics they’ve learnt for the past few weeks. In order to have a better understanding about students’ learning progress, BINGO assignment has been carried out in lessons. Students were required to complete at least 3 tasks related to their Mandarin learning in BINGO form. The tasks designed mainly covered the topic of Fruits, Drinks, Animals etc., which would enable teachers to have a clearer view on students’ learning progress through the process of completing the tasks as well as through the interactions between students and teacher.


Pupils have been learning to use the Google Chrome interface and the search function to type words and get results from the internet.

Physical Education


This has been the final week of Gymnastics for the Year 2 pupils. In this week's session, the pupils have put all the elements of balancing, travelling, jumping, rolling and finally, their own surprise skill into a sequence.



The Year 2 swimmers have been developing their swimming stamina for the three major strokes (freestyle, backstroke & breaststroke) over a length of the pool.


Year 2 students focused again on timbre, making links between Gershwin's 'They Can't Take That Away From Me' and Ligeti's 'Six Bagatelles'. Students discussed the timbre of different woodwind instruments played solo as well as mixing together to create interesting musical textures. Voices and keyboards were used to further apply the concept of timbre.


Due to the half-term holiday next week, there will be no Maths homework, spellings or home readers sent home this week.

In order to support their next piece of project work, we would like the children to bring in souvenirs, t-shirts and photos from their holidays in order to share their memories about these. These can be any holiday that they have been on in the last year.

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