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7th October 2016


Our English work this week has been looking at the features of instructions. We have learned about imperative verbs and time connectives. Then we looked at some instructions to see what features we could identify before we had a go at following some instructions ourselves. This will help us to be better prepared for next week when we will be writing some of our own instructions.


In Maths this week we have been learning about different 2D shapes and their properties. We went on a shape hunt to identify different objects and their shapes around our room. Then we started to find out about their properties such as number of sides and corners and whether the sides were straight or curved. 

Project Work

This week we went on our trip to Gardens By The Bay. We saw all sorts of plants and trees and learned how they had adapted to their different environments. We also began to think about the wildlife in the trees which we researched last week. We designed and began to build a bird feeder for some of the birds which we have seen and will hang them around the school to see if the birds use them.


This week students learned to ask questions using “几” & “多少” (How many). They focused on the measure words for vehicles. Students also worked on some revision from the learnt vocabulary.


The courses on code.org teaches the pupils about computational thinking and logical problem solving.  Resilience is a key attribute and it is important to have the correct attitude to finding a solution to a given problem until the puzzle is solved.  This week we started learning to use move blocks by getting the angry bird to the green pig.

Physical Education

Swimming - Backstroke & Freestyle legs are still the main focus of the swimming lessons. Pupils are also starting to develop their freestyle `rainbow` arms. Other swimmers are developing their backstroke arms using the phrase `ears and big circles` to help them.

PE - The PE lessons have had an animal link this week; frogs leaping from lily pads, squirrel runs & pokemon chasing. These have all helped develop their skills in dodging, finding space & tagging.


In the frame of the Juilliard Creative Classroom, the children watched and listened to the finale of Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto. They learned and experienced variations in tempo and texture. Thereafter by groups of 2 or 3, they created improvisations based on tempo and texture. The children also learned the second verse of Mendelssohn’s Christmas song “Hark! The Angels”.


The homework this week is to use the properties of shapes that we have learned to create a ‘What am I?’ riddle about shapes.

The children should pick one challenge to complete and write a riddle for each of the different shapes using the vocabulary we have been using in class such as; sides, corners, straight sides, curved sides.

We will share these with our classmates on Wednesday to see if we can guess the shapes from the riddles.

DCIS is a Nut-free school!

At Dover Court International School we are proud to be a nut-free school.  This is to make sure our school is safe for all the children who attend.  We need your help to spread the good news and remind everyone who packs our snack and lunch what this means.

The brief:

Design a leaflet and fridge magnet explaining what we should and should not pack to eat at school.  The winner will have their leaflet and magnet produced and sent out to all the children in DCIS.

It should contain:

pictures and information 

It may include:

a logo, slogan or mascot that you have created

If you would like to find out more information you can visit this website to find out more:  http://snacksafely.com/tools-for-schools/

Due date:

Any entries should be returned to your class teacher by Friday 11th November.

Please note this is an optional activity.

Good luck!


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