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9th December 2016


This week we have been learning about different techniques used in persuasion. We have been learning how to use a comma in a list of three accurately. In addition to this, we have been learning how to use questions to engage a reader and make them think. We then critiqued some persuasive posters to see how effective they were and how we could improve them.


In Maths, we have been learning about our multiples of 2, 5 and 10. We have been investigating patterns within these times tables by finding them on a hundred square and looking at the patterns they created as well as any numbers that are multiples of both. We also explored what happens when we add different combinations of odd and even numbers together. 

Project Work

Our Project Work this week has involved us getting our hands on some electrical components. We learned what the different components were called and how to draw them in a circuit diagram. We then tested different circuits to see if they worked.


This week, students finished up the project on ‘Roadmap’. They started the termly culture topic- Panda. In the culture lessons, we did various activities such as watching a video, coloured pictures, panda puppet and paper folding etc. Additionally, the students have been practising the Mandarin song item “Merry Christmas” for the Christmas concert.


Pupils continued with 'The Foos' hour of code.  They have continued coding a character to complete levels.

Physical Education

The theme in PE this week has been target throwing in teams. A large ball has been placed in between the teams. They have then each had to aim smaller balls at in an attempt to push it over their opponent’s line. Lots of ideas & teamwork to develop the best strategy were also talked over by each group.

This week the Year 2 swimmers have each swam continuously for 3 minutes. They have also been developing their breaststroke leg kick action.


This week in Year 2 music, students reinforced their learning about beat and rhythm using body percussion patterns. As part of this, they learned a Samoan clapping rhythm as well as the New Zealand haka. 


After learning about the odd and even numbers this week, we would like the children to apply their knowledge to colour numbers depending on whether they are odd or not. All odd numbers should be one colour and even numbers another.

The final challenge involves putting 13 counters on a grid and trying to get every row and column to have an odd number of counters in it.

Then you can try this with 10 counters and putting an even number of counters in each row and column.

This would be best to do practically, using bits of pasta, beads or coins as counters and moving them around before recording it on their grids.

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