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9th September 2016


Our English work this week has been focussed on information texts. The children have grouped information about different birds under sub-headings and have labelled some of the key features of the texts. After this, they researched information about a given bird using Ipads, fact sheets and books. The children have learned the difference between a common and proper noun and will be using these more next week when they turn their research into an information text.


In Maths this week the children have continued their work on place value. This involved ordering numbers from smallest to biggest, using their knowledge of a hundred square to complete a hundred square puzzle and comparing numbers using <, > and =. Some children began to think about the number of digits in a sequence of numbers and were solving problems using these skills.

Project Work

This week the children had an exciting treasure hunt to find out what their new project was going to be about. They found lots of little globes with letters on hidden around the school and after some clever thinking discovered the title of their project – ‘Our World’. The children shared what they knew and wanted to find out about our world with their classmates and started to think about what sorts of things were in the local area using Google Maps. Then they tried to make their own local area map and labelled the buildings, roads and places which they knew were in the local area.


This week, a story is presented to the students regarding the transportation. Additionally, they learned to describe the distance between places and ask for direction. They also wrote the characters and completed several worksheets regarding transportation. The online link, which was introduced last week, is intended to be used as a revision tool for students. Flashcards handed out were meant to be for self-study and revision at home.


After the mouse practice last week it’s time for some keyboard practice this week.  We have been using a variety of games on http://www.ABCya.com to help pupils learn where the keys are on the keyboard.  It is important that they try and start with their index fingers on the f and j keys which have bumps on them.

Physical Education

In PE lessons we are continuing to improve our teamwork skills. We are also developing our ball control around each other, against the walls and through obstacles.

Swimming lessons are focussed on developing our kicking, pulling & breathing on our front whilst on our back we are thinking about kicking, getting our ears wet & looking up at the sky.


This week the music classes were focused on singing. The children learned and sang a binary model two-part canon as well two tonal songs, respectively entitled “Together” and “We’re in it together” by composers Helen and Mark Johnson.


English – Please complete the work on proper nouns. The children have been learning about them in class. Proper nouns should have capital letters. We used this song in class which may help to remind them if they have forgotten what a proper noun is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfkHRgqCn0M

Maths – To help the children get used to using the symbols <, > and = We have attached a game for you to play at home with them. The instructions are included as well as the dice and number cards. It may help to refer to the symbols < and > as a crocodile which only eats the biggest number. If the number is the same then it is =.

Optional Homework: The Allied Pickford Desktop Calendar Competition.

Allied Pickford has asked 12 schools to submit entries for their 2017 calendar. These photos should represent ‘My favourite place in Singapore’ and the children should give a brief description of their photograph on the entry form.


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