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11th November 2016


This week, we continued our focus on Aboriginal stories. The children investigated the art of storytelling and considered how to best re-tell a story. This lead us to create our own story, based on the features we recognised in traditional Aboriginal tales. Please ask your child to re-tell you an aboriginal story or their own creation. You could record this to send to me and we can share it in class.


In maths, we revised and learned about fractions. We looked at the importance of the numerator (How many there is) and the denominator (How many are available), we compared and ordered fractions to establish an understanding of size. We also thought about fraction equivalence (2/4 = 1/2) and looked at how we can add fractions with the same denominator and equivalent fractions as long as we change them to the same denominator. A great way to embed this with your children is to eat pizza and cake this weekend, and talk about sharing and comparing!

Project Work

We discovered the solar system this week and learned the difference between a star, a planet and a moon. We also learned the names and the order of the eight planets in our solar system and the fact that they orbit the sun. We ended the week considering other phenomenon’s of space and created a nebula jar to illustrate what the interstellar dust clouds look like.


This week the children kept their focus on the topic of time. The structure of time has been consolidated. Sentences to ask and answer about ‘What is the time now?’ and ‘Now is xx点xx分’ were introduced. During this week's lessons, the students were also required to recognise the characters associated with time and write them using the correct stroke order. Please refer to the link for the flashcards containing vocabulary words and key grammar structures.

Link for flashcards:  https://quizlet.com/_2qf4ng


In computing this week, students have been developing their understanding of algorithms and logic. They have been visiting the Code.org website to manage and track their progress. Students will be working on Skoolbo over the next few weeks to work on their maths skills.

Physical Education

During netball pupils had continued to work on their game play and competitive scenarios. They have learned this through small sided games and positioning. In swimming, pupils have been practising diving from our new diving blocks and putting it into competitive situations.


This week in Year 3 music, students used solfège (Do, Re, Me, etc.) to learn the difference between scales, arpeggios and chords. Attention was given to proper keyboard fingering when practising each pattern (e.g. using different fingers for different keys). Bach’s Cello Suite No. 3 was used for a close listening exercise to reinforce learning. 


This week there is a task on time set on MyiMaths, along with this children have a short written task to complete in their Homework Book and their weekly spellings to practise. Please ensure your child is completing their daily reading and recording it in their student planner.


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