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13th January 2017


This week in English, we have been reading Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox. In addition to this we have been looking at a new genre of writing, play scripts. We have been learning about the features of play scripts and the importance of stage directions. It has been a great opportunity to review some of our understanding of grammar and vocabulary. This work is laying the foundation for next week where we will be attempting to create a play script of a section of Fantastic Mr. Fox and progressing to writing our own play scripts.


To begin the term, we have been reviewing our understanding of place value and ordering and comparing numbers. Over the week we have been challenging ourselves to use the skills of partitioning in problem solving, and also looking at how we can use partitioning to add numbers together accurately.

Project Work

We were introduced to our new Project Work topic at the start of the week, Temples Tombs and Treasures. On Monday we received a message in hieroglyphics, which we later found out was the writing of the ancient Egyptians. Once we had decoded the message it lead us on a tour around school, a great way to show our new classmates where the important things like the library the playground and the toilets were. Our clues lead us back to class where we gathered our ideas about ancient Egypt in our knowledge harvest. We discovered more about where the ancient Egyptians lived through some map work and started to look at some of the artefacts that they left behind that help us to understand a bit more about their life.


This week, the students focused on revision. They consolidated what they had learned in Term 1, covering the topics of; time, date and daily routines. Classroom activities included card games and worksheets. Speaking and listening activities were carried out in the lessons to enhance students’ language skills.


In computing this week the students have been learning about setting up file and folder structures within their work areas. They have been discussing the various file types and have been learning how to save their work in an organised way.

Physical Education

To kick off 2017, we have begun our Athletics activity block. During this block, we will look at the three main fundamentals of Athletics; running, jumping and throwing. We will break down the skill and technique of each event to improve our capability, building these skills to be able to participate competitively on sports day.


This week, students looked back on last term's music learning using a cooperative learning strategy called Inside-Outside Circle. In particular, students remembered four different ways of personalising a song: volume, pitch, timing and timbre. Students finished the class with a keyboard-based discussion about beat and rhythm.


Children were assigned new spelling groups this week. We now run spelling sessions Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with children being tested and bringing home their words to learn on Thursday. Children will have a set of ten words to learn. A gentle reminder that children should not be using their spelling journal to practise spelling, this is only sent home to help parents understand the sort of activities carried out in the spelling session. Spelling Journals must be returned to school on Monday.

Myimaths will be available this week. If you have any problems with logging in please contact me directly. Myimaths is leveled to your child’s ability and should consolidate and extend their learning from lessons taught during the week.

Children also have a written maths task to complete. Again, this is levelled at your child’s ability and should consolidate and extend their learning from lessons taught during the week.

Please remember to supervise your child reading for 20 minutes each day. If you need any guidance on how to better support your children’s reading you can refer to the DCIS bookmark and Guidance sheet provided earlier this year.

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