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9th September 2016


This week we continued our 4-week block looking at traditional tales and fairy tales. We tried to really get inside the characters heads exploring their thoughts and feelings. When ‘hot seating’ we tried our best to answer questions as if we were one of the characters from the story. Our next step was to think about how we could describe our characters, using our senses we thought about the evil witch and tried to encapsulate what a horrid, wicked, miserable hag she was (using all our best vocabulary of course).


In maths this week we have been impressing Miss Boysen with our mental arithmetic. We have been thinking of different ways that we can securely add and subtract without doing any written work. Starting by thinking about number bonds to 10 and 20 helped us to progress to calculating with tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands.

Project Work

What on earth happened in our classrooms on Tuesday? The children charged round the school looking for clues and eventually found out… the dinosaurs did it! We introduced our new project title ‘Footprints from the Past’ with our usual flair and the children were asked to share as many facts as they knew about dinosaurs. Expect a burgeoning interest in large prehistoric reptiles over the next few weeks and don’t be too surprised if you start hearing your child using dinosaur names that you can’t pronounce, certainly can’t spell and possibly won’t understand!


This week we do an overall revision on what students have learnt throughout the previous weeks. Students are required to complete quiz tasks focusing on the four key skill areas, such as writing, reading, speaking and listening as to allow teacher have a better understanding of their learning progress. 

Please find the attached link Mandarin revision resources for students to do self-study at home. 




In computing this week, students are developing their coding skills even further by solving a range of puzzles using the Lightbot software. Students can try this at home by visiting the website http://www.abcya.com/lightbot.htm. Students have been securing their understanding about procedures and algorithms and tackling some of the more difficult tasks during the second part of this activity.

Physical Education

In PE lessons this week pupils have been continuing with cross country. They have been focusing on recording a time to complete 2 laps of our course. Pupils have had the opportunity to set a target time for themselves. During swimming, pupils have been working on their stroke work, in particular breaking down elements to improve their leg action.


This week the music classes were focused on singing. The children learned and sang a binary modal two-part canon as well two tonal songs, respectively entitled “Together” and “We’re in it together” by composers Helen and Mark Johnson.


The tasks set on myimaths are leveled to your child's ability and while they should be extending their thinking, they should be able to complete these independently. If you feel your child needs some support to complete the activity encourage them to talk through how they would add or subtract in their head. Along with this they have their weekly spellings to practise. A little reminder that the activities for learning spellings do not need to be recorded, encourage your child to enjoy them and think of their own ways to make spelling fun!


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