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12th May 2017


In English this week, Year 4 finished up their unit on autobiographies. Using the key facts about the famous person the children researched as part of their homework, they wrote an autobiography from this person’s perspective. The grammar focus of the week was articles and the children revised when to use the articles ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’ in their work. They also learned when some nouns do not need an article. The week ended with an introduction to our new unit; stories from other cultures. The children shared their own cultural stories with each other and they had a fun time trying to guess where the different stories were from.


This week in Maths, we have focussed on problem-solving.  This is an area in which the children often struggle but it is vital to ensure children are mastering the different mathematical areas. With a focus on problem solving within number, addition and subtraction and time, the children have learnt how to pick out the key information in a problem and use diagrams to help them understand what is being asked. They have also practised re-reading the questions to ensure they have actually answered the question. Next week we will continue with problem-solving within multiplication and division, measures and fractions.

Those in 4JR’s Maths class have developed their skills in symmetry. The children are now confident in identifying lines of symmetry and using reflective symmetry. They enjoyed practical activities this week, including cutting and folding shapes and using mirrors to complete tasks.

Project Work

In Project Work this week, the Year 4s have been cutting, glueing, attaching, matching, recreating and redesigning their old clothes. Most of the children have used their imagination to create original details such as tassels, pockets and ties. They have been ‘tailoring’ the clothing to make them fit better, thereby adjusting and perfecting their designs. 


In this short week, the students reviewed the basic words related to Sport both orally and in written form. They engaged in various activities such as Quiz Quiz Trade and Round Robin to consolidate their understanding of how to apply these words into sentence structures. Additionally, the children completed an interview asking for and responding to specific questions related to Sport, such as ‘Do you enjoy _______ (sport)?’

To review the vocabulary please follow this link: https://quizlet.com/_34wha2


The children carried on learning about Minecraft by creating crafting tables and making axes and spades, using resources like wood and stone. Using the correct tool to break a specific block means we can break blocks faster.

Physical Education

During Rounders, pupils have been exploring ways to field strategically so that they can move the ball across their team members to get the other team out.

In swimming, pupils have been looking at all of their strokes, focusing on their stamina.


This week in Music, Year 4 students arranged their own contrasting melodies and experimented with different transitions, utilizing crescendos and diminuendos. Close attention was paid to how the transitions built or reduced tension.


All homework is to be completed in the Homework Journal.


  • Reading Comprehension.
  • Spelling: Choose one of the activities in your spelling journal. Complete this activity in your Homework Journal.
  • Reading: please record daily reading in Student Planners. Children should be reading for 15 minutes each day.


  • Sheet in book / MyiMaths
  • Tables:
    1. Choose one of the times tables songs to learn or revise from our list of resources. Then choose one of the times tables practical activities to complete in your homework journal.
    2. If you are confident at and know all of your times tables, make a video of how to learn ONE of the following; 3, 4 or 6 timetables.
    3. Miss Rutherford’s maths class – learn 6 & 7 times tables off by heart for a test next Friday 19th May.

Half Term Project:

This term, the Project Work ‘Fashion’ theme is focusing on history and change.  For your half term, you should create a timeline of the change and development of a chosen topic or item.

For example: how hairstyles have evolved over the century; how football boots have developed; how TVs have progressed; etc. Short captions detailing the developments will add insight to the changes.

This project is due in on Monday 22nd of May. That week, each child will have the opportunity to present their project to the class.  Your timeline could be handwritten on a poster, can be typed on the computer or can be shown using a PowerPoint.

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