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14th October 2016


We began our learning this week in English by editing some simple sentences and up levelling them using adverbial phrases and fronted adverbials. Using all the key features, grammatical devices and personal research, we created our own non-chronological reports about The Olympics. Following this, we worked in groups to practise reading our non-fiction reports using intonation and expression. We then recorded these performances in the Radio Studio.


This week in maths, we have been using our measuring skills from the last few weeks to collect data. We held our own little mini Olympics, doing activities such as throwing balls and jumping as far as we could, hopping or balancing for 30 seconds and seeing how much water we still had left in a container after running 50m. We recorded our results in a table throughout these activities and then presented our data in the form of a bar chart or pictogram. Following on from this, we designed our own questions about our graphs and asked our fellow classmates to answer them. It was a fun way to tie our learning of data and measures together.

Project Work

This week in Project Work, the children have been constructing an Olympic Park from recyclable objects; working from designs they have created previously. This has allowed them to develop their personal skills in communication, cooperation and resilience. They have also have been presenting their projects on famous Olympians to the class; augmenting their speaking and listening skills.


This is the final week of learning words and sentences about school subjects. This week, students designed a school timetable at their own preference. Following this, they did a show and tell activity to discuss the timetable they have designed. Students have also learnt some basic adjectives to describe school subjects, such as ‘hard’, ‘easy’, ‘interesting’ and ‘uninteresting’.


In computing this week the students have been experimenting with the website https://codecombat.com/play to learn about the programming software Python. They have been problem-solving and learning how the codes are set out. The students should try out this website during the holidays to improve their skills and become even better coders!

Physical Education

Classes who are undertaking football have worked on attacking through passing and dribbling in small sided games. During netball, pupils have continued to develop their passing skills in small sided games.

In swimming, pupils have been putting all of the elements together to improve their back crawl stroke.


Students performed an action-song from their new music teacher's (Mr Irving's) home country of New Zealand; this was part of a diagnostic lesson which also looked at students' understanding and use of notation while maintaining proper keyboard fingering technique.


There is no homework over the holidays.


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