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    DCIS Proms 2016

18th November 2016


This week, the children have completed reading comprehension assessments which covered fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts. In addition, they demonstrated their understanding of concepts learnt by writing a fictional story about penguins. They used an inspiring picture of penguins and a polar bear as a stimulus and were able to use their imaginations to decide on how the story could develop. Teachers will be able to assess the children’s stamina for writing and how well they could apply different grammar skills without any input. Finally, they completed a SPAG assessment, to show us what they know about spelling, punctuation and grammar. The children showed lots of resilience and hard work during these assessments.


This week in Maths, the children have been demonstrating all the skills that they have learnt so far this year through doing maths assessments.  They have covered the areas of addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, place value, measurement and statistics.  Some of the children also challenged themselves to do the fractions and shape sections of the assessment, even though this has not been covered yet in class.  They have all worked really hard and have done their best.

Project Work

In Project Work this week, we revisited magnets and their properties. Following this, we attempted to make an electromagnet with some wire, a screw and a battery. Furthermore, the children developed their creative side by participating in art activities ranging from pencil sketching to Andy Warhol style painting. These art tasks centred on a portrait theme and the children produced some lovely work, some of which you can see from our photo above.


This week, various classroom activities were carried out. Worksheets were assigned in order to consolidate the learning of school facilities. Students were encouraged to practise more on speaking about their school. This involved the children discussing what school facilities are available and expressing their opinions about the school using the sentence structures they have covered. Few basic localiser words were taught in class so that students were able to give further information about the location of school facilities.


In Computing this week, students have been working collaboratively to solve a number of challenging puzzles and tasks. The tasks have been based around a wide variety of puzzles, each varying in difficulty. Students took part in a quiz to check their understanding about computer keywords. 

Physical Education

Classes who are undertaking football, have been looking at passing and moving into space. Classes who have been doing netball, have been looking at basic rules and how correct passes can be used in games. Pupils who have been doing Gymnastics, have been exploring shapes and movement. During swimming, pupils have been using the dividing blocks and looking at race starts.


This week in Year 4 Music, the focus shifted to the Blues genre. Students sang the first verse of Muddy Waters' 'Blues before Sunrise' and considered what makes it a Blues piece. Students also learned to play a 12-bar blues using 3 chords on the keyboard.


All homework is to be completed in the Homework Journal.

English: Reading Comprehension: answer the questions. Remember to answer using full sentences. Only spend 30 minutes on this.

Spelling: Choose one of the activities in your spelling journal. Complete this activity in your Homework Journal.

Reading: please record daily reading in Student Planners. Children should be reading for 15 minutes each day.


Activity: As we will be covering fractions next week, watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hZkk73nJ_Y and be able to tell the class what you have learnt. When you have watched it, have a go at some of the fraction games on this website http://interactivesites.weebly.com/fractions.html.

Tables: Choose one of the times tables songs to learn or revise from our list of resources. Then choose one of the times tables practical activities to complete in your homework journal. If you are confident with your times tables, investigate what happens when you multiply two even numbers together. Do you notice any patterns? 


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