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2nd December 2016


We continued looking at our class book, ‘The Rainbow Bear’, in English. The children revised the rules of writing speech. With a partner, they acted out a possible conversation between two characters in the story. Then, the children wrote these conversations in their book using inverted commas, the correct punctuation and different words for ‘said’. After thinking about and discussing the setting of the ‘wild white wilderness’, the children created their own one for the story. Using their five senses, they then thought of words and phrases to describe their setting. Following this, the children continued writing the story, where they had to include a description of their setting and a conversation with the man – applying all that they have learnt this week. We sthe bear might be feeling at different parts of the story. 


This has been the second of our two week unit on fractions.  The children have worked really hard to further develop their understanding of what fractions are and how they can be used within Maths. They have looked at equivalent fractions, ordering fractions, fractions of amounts and converting fractions into decimals. Some of the children also progressed onto adding and subtracting fractions.

Project Work

Over the past week in Project Work, Year 4 have enthusiastically continued to assemble their miniature rooms. Many had to rethink their designs to cleverly disguise the wiring and batteries of the circuit. Adaptability and cooperation were essential as amendments had to be made. 


This week, students consolidated their learning about localiser words, which would enable them to describe the location of school facilities in a more detailed way. Sentence structures, such as “Toilet is located at the left side of classroom / Office is located beside the library”, were taught in class. A project was carried out in class this week, where students were assigned to complete an essay about one’s school life. Following this, they had to draw in accordance to the written content. Students were expected to practise their reading, speaking and listening skills via a show and tell activity.    


In Computing this week, the children have been doing some debugging.  Everyone who writes code makes mistakes and it's up to us to find and fix the bugs in our code. Students have been solving algorithm problems and working independently and in pairs to solve some difficult challenges. They have also been visiting the website Code.org to work on various skills. 

Physical Education

During netball, pupils have started to look at more complex rules and why they are important in netball. They have been learning this through small sided games. In football, pupils have been playing in competitive situations, working as a team, looking at positions and how to structure a game.

In swimming, pupils have been working on their back stroke arms and back stroke starts.


In Year 4 music this week, the children learnt how the bass line of blues music is based upon notes of the primary chords they have been practising. Students attempted to sing the melody of Thelonious Monk's 'Blue Monk' while playing a blues bass line. 


All homework is to be completed in the Homework Journal.



  • Reading Comprehension: answer the questions. Remember to answer using full sentences. Only spend 30 minutes on this.
  • Spelling: Choose one of the activities in your spelling journal. Complete this activity in your Homework Journal
  • Reading: please record daily reading in Student Planners. Children should be reading for 15 minutes each day.



  • MyiMaths: Log on and complete the Fraction activity set by your teacher. Maths sheet – if there is a maths sheet stuck in your homework book, you do this instead of MyiMaths.
  • Tables: Choose one of the times tables songs to learn or revise from our list of resources. Then choose one of the times tables practical activities to complete in your homework journal. If you are confident with your times tables, investigate what happens when you multiply two odd numbers with an even number (eg: 3 x 5 x 2). Is the answer always odd or is it always even?
  • 4JR Maths children: Practise and learn the 3 times table off by heart. You can practise by writing out the table, having a partner test you. You can play the online game - http://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button - remember to select the 3 times table. You will have a quick fire test on this table on Friday 9th December. 

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