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    DCIS Proms 2016

30th September 2016


This week started the first of a three week unit on non-chronological reports. At the beginning of the week, we looked at the key features of these and collected a range of adjectives, verbs, adverbs and descriptive phrases for our own word banks. At the end of this topic we want to produce a non-chronological report about the Olympics, so to aid our writing, we researched and recorded notes about different aspects of the Olympics. We used iPads and extracts from topic books to source this information. If we came across any interesting vocabulary, we added them to our word banks.


This week in maths, the children have been learning about money. They have used decimal notation to add, subtract and give change. Pupils have also explored different world currencies and made some simple conversions. Today they had the opportunity to put their learning into practise by opening their own shop! Some pupils also interviewed Petra, our School Finance Manager, to find out how she uses maths in her job.

Project Work

This week, the children planned and developed their own Olympic park; taking into account the need for essential provisions required for masses of people, as well as the facilities for the athletes. We also compared the similarities and differences between the ancient Greek Olympics and the Modern Olympics. The children also designed their own Greek style vases depicting their chosen Olympic sport.


This week, students learnt about the school subjects. Students were able to ask and answer about their favourite subjects using the given sentence structure. Some writing assignments have been completed in order to enhance their writing skills. Please refer to the link for the flashcards containing vocabulary words and key grammar structure. 

Link: https://quizlet.com/_2j868m



In computing this week, students have been continuing the second part of using the website Kodable in order to improve and develop their programming skills. Students can follow the link http://game.kodable.com to develop their skills further.

Physical Education

In PE lessons this week pupils have been focusing on new activities. In football, pupils have worked on dribbling, turning and control. During netball, pupils have worked on basic passing skills. 

In swimming, pupils have been working on their stroke work, in particular breaking down elements to improve their back crawl arm action.


Dr Casteels was unwell this week so we did not have our music lesson.


All homework is to be completed in the Homework Journal. 


  •  Reading Comprehension: answer the questions. Remember to answer using full sentences. Only spend 30 minutes on this. 
  •  Spelling: Choose one of the activities in your spelling journal. Complete this activity in your Homework Journal. 
  •  Reading: please record daily reading in Student Planners. Children should be reading for 15 minutes each day. 


  •  MyiMaths: Log on and complete the activity set by your teacher. 
  • Tables: Choose one of the times tables songs to learn or revise from our list of resources. Then choose one of the times tables practical activities to complete in your homework journal. If you are confident at recalling all of your times tables, investigate how you would use the 3 times tables to teach someone the 6 times tables. 

Project Work: For our half term project we would you like to produce something about an Olympian. This can be someone who was in the Olympics this year, in the Olympics in the past or someone who has represented their country in the Paralympics. Please research the following about your Olympian: 

  •  Date and place of birth 
  •  Family 
  •  Growing up (school, university) 
  •  Sporting career 
  •  Year/s they represented their country in the Olympics. 
  •  How they did in the Olympics (successes and losses) 

Your project could be presented in the form of a booklet, a PowerPoint presentation, a video, a news report, a MineCraft video presentation, an iMove or even a poster. This project is due on Monday 10th October 2016. That week, each child will have a turn at presenting their project to the rest of the class. 

Thank you to all those who have already sent in their project! 

Good luck and be inventive!


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