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9th September 2016


This week in English, the children planned their story by using skills learnt over the past two weeks. Once we had practised using inverted commas for speech, we worked on linking narrative and the conversations of the characters focusing on conjunctions and adverbs. Through applying the descriptive techniques we learnt, we created our own version of the story ‘Into the Forest’. Following this, we had the opportunity to edit and improve our work which is one of the key skills on the Year Four National Curriculum.


This week in maths, the children have started a two week topic on addition and subtraction. They have been using addition and subtraction facts that they know to add and subtract multiples of 10 and 100 mentally, leading onto adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers mentally. We have then progressed onto adding and subtracting 3, 4 or 5 digit numbers using the formal written method, as well as checking our answers using the inverse operation. Finally, we then used our skills in addition and subtraction to solve word problems.

Project Work

In project work, we looked at ourselves and thought about what qualities ‘a good person’ has. Furthermore, we compiled a list of an ideal friend and their qualities; these activities were a part of establishing the Personal Goals in our classroom. In addition to that, we learnt more about the brain, its parts and its functions. We were all very interested in the fascinating facts we learnt about the brain! We made a clay model of the brain or a neuron, labelled and painted them, and shared ideas and stories about the brain with our classmates.


This week we did an overall revision on what students have learnt throughout the past few weeks. Students were required to complete quiz tasks focusing on the four key skill areas, such as writing, reading, speaking and listening. 

This was to allow the teachers to have a better understanding of their learning progress. Please find the attached link for some Mandarin revision resources for students to do self-study at home. 



CIn computing this week, students were developing their coding skills even further by solving a range of puzzles using the Lightbot software. They can try this at home by visiting the website http://www.abcya.com/lightbot.htm. The children have been securing their understanding about procedures and algorithms, as well as tackling some of the more difficult tasks during the second part of this activity.

Physical Education

In PE lessons this week, pupils have been continuing with our cross country unit. They have been focusing on recording the time it took them to complete two laps of our course. Pupils have had the opportunity to set target times for themselves. 

During swimming, pupils have been working on their stroke skills, in particular breaking down elements to improve their leg action.


This week the music classes were focused on singing. The children learnt and sang a binary modal two-part canon, as well two tonal songs, respectively entitled ‘Together’ and ‘We’re in it together’ by composers Helen and Mark Johnson.

In class, we have been learning the song ‘Shine’ by Take That to sing in assembly. 


All homework is to be completed in the Homework Journal 

English: Reading Comprehension: answer the questions. Remember to answer using full sentences. 

 Spelling: Choose one of the activities in your spelling journal. Complete this activity in your Homework Journal. 

 Reading: please record daily reading in Student Planners. 


 MyiMaths: Log on and complete the Addition and Subtraction activity set by your teacher. 

 Tables: Choose one of the times tables songs to learn from our list of resources. Then choose one of the times tales practical activities to complete in your homework journal.


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