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16th September 2016


This week in English, the students have become immersed in their own Myth story writing. They have developed their detailed description of imaginative settings and characters and have made a promising start with writing their own, following their story plans. Using the familiar structure of previously read myths, the students are incorporating all typical features of an ancient myth story, using figurative language to add depth to the description and ensuring they focus on their use of varied sentence structures to make for an interesting read.


This week we have continued to work through the addition and subtraction learning outcomes using the continuum, with a particular focus on application in a range of real life contexts. We have discussed how to identify which operation is required depending upon the language used in the question and further consolidated our understanding by writing our own questions and word problems for our partners to solve.

Project Work

We have researched Antarctica in detail this week, including the climate, wildlife, tourist attractions and the impact of global warming. We have worked on showing our understanding of the impact of tourism, both economically and environmentally, and what the long-term effects of these may be. In groups, we have produced presentations to showcase our understanding and filmed these using a green screen. We will move on to focus on Singaporean geography and study map work next week.


This week, the students celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival. They engaged in various hands-on related activities to heighten their awareness of this cultural celebration, such as designing a moon cake, literature responses, poem recitation, singing songs, lantern making and hearing stories about the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration.


Due to the Public Holiday, there was no Computing this week.

Physical Education

In PE lessons this week, pupils have been working on focusing on their pacing to beat their target time in cross country. In swimming, the children have been recording times over 25m with several strokes.


Year 5 Music continued developing the left-hand and right-hand Rock n’ Roll coordination over the 12-bar musical structure. As correct left-hand fingering is important to develop fluidity, students closely reinforced what was learned last week by repetitively switching between C, F and G bass line grooves.

Design & Technology

This week has been an exciting one for DT. The children are experiencing using real tools and real materials in order to begin the production of the wall hook. They are in the process of applying their maths skills in order to accurately mark out their timber to 100mm in length. They have then cut the timber using a coping saw, with the material securely held in a bench vice. There are many opportunities to learn from errors during this process and to learn that with effort and creativity, almost any problem can be fixed.



  •  Please see the spelling journal for spelling words this week. Children should learn their spellings for a test and complete one of the spelling activities into their journal. To be tested on Monday 19th September. Please hand spelling journals to your spelling teacher. 


  •  My iMaths: To be completed by Wednesday 21st September. 
  •  Times tables: Please complete the times tables grid into your homework book, using a pencil. To be handed in on Wednesday 21st September. 


  •  Complete the comprehension into the homework book. Please write in full sentences, using a pen. To be handed in on Wednesday 21st September. 
  •  Read for at least 20 minutes per day. 

IPC Project: 

  •  Please continue with the project set last week. 


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