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23rd September 2016


This week, the children completed their own mythical story using the tools they have learnt, producing some fantastic writing. Not only have the students kept to the typical structure often seen in ancient myths, but they have also taken the time to consider their vocabulary, sentence structure and use of description to really bring it to life. During the second half of the week, students focused on reading comprehension and developed their skills of inference and deduction when unpicking complex texts. We made a decision alley (see picture above!), used hot seating to explore characters thoughts and feelings and started our class novel, ‘The Thief’ by Malorie Blackman, which we will be reading throughout the rest of the term.


This week in maths, we identified our prior knowledge of multiplication and division through the pop quiz and have begun to recap written methods for multiplication and division. We have also discussed specific terminology such as multiples, factors, prime, square and cubed numbers.

Project Work

This week’s Project Work has related to mapwork, initially concentrating on common map symbols and locating broad areas with the use of four-figure grid references. We then progressed to six-figure grid references in order to help us pinpoint more specific locations on a map. We have also developed our understanding of the equator, latitude and longitude and have used these to help us locate places we have visited.


This week, students learnt a range of vocabularies for clothing, including T-shirt, shirt, jeans and dress. They also learnt two verbs “chuan” and “dai” (to wear) in order to make sentences with relative clothing. Year 5 Mandarin streaming started this week. Online flashcards will be introduced in the next Weekly Round Up Email.


In computing this week, students have been using the coding website Kodable to learn about further programming skills. They have been using skills such as looping to solve difficult puzzles. Students can look at the website address http://game.kodable.com to develop their skills further.

Physical Education

In PE lessons this week, pupils have been working on beating their target time in their final cross country lesson. Classes who are currently on double PE have been putting learnt skills into mini game situations in volleyball. Classes undertaking swimming have been recording times over 25m with several strokes and focusing on speed work.


Year 5 music learned how the notes of the blues scale can be used to create melodies. Students learned to play these specific seven notes on the keyboard, then created melodies based on the question-and-answer phrasing structure.

Design & Technology

This week in DT, the children learnt about drilling holes. They learnt how to mark out with accuracy and how to correctly and safely use the cordless drill.



 Please see the spelling journal for spelling words this week. Children should learn their spellings for a test and complete one of the spelling activities into their journal. To be tested on Monday 26th September. Please hand spelling journals to your spelling teacher. 



  •  My iMaths: To be completed by Wednesday 28th September. 
  •  Times tables: Please complete the times tables grid into your homework book, using a pencil. To be handed in on Wednesday 28th September. 


  •  Complete the comprehension into the homework book. Please write in full sentences, using a pen. To be handed in on Wednesday 28th September. 
  •  Read for at least 20 minutes per day.

IPC Project: 

  •  Please continue with the project set last week.


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