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25th November 2016


This week in English the children have continued their learning on autobiographies. They have practised converting between third and first person by rewriting an extract of Roald Dahl’s biography in the first person. They then participated in two practical workshops linked to anecdotal writing and grabbing openings in order to enhance their writing and focus on adopting a chatty, informal tone. We finished the week by writing and peer evaluating our autobiographies against success criteria.


This week, the children started a new unit on Statistics.  They have revised the features of bar charts and can now distinguish between discrete and continuous data.  We have compared graphs of different scales and made comparisons about their effectiveness.  When looking at line graphs, we have been learning to make accurate readings in order to interpret the data.

Project Work

We are rounding off our learning related to the ancient Greeks by focusing on Alexander the Great.  We have learned about his life, what he achieved and the historical changes that his conquests achieved, in particular a united Greece.  We have looked closely at different pottery types and then went on to design and create our own piece using modelling clay, decorating it with a range of images depicting Alexander the Great.  Next week, we will move on to studying ancient Rome.


This week, students continued to learn the topic of ‘Weather and Seasons’. We used three different sentence patterns to describe the weather condition and temperature in different cities through speaking and writing activities.


In computing this week the students have been continuing to learn about functions and procedures based around computational thinking.

Physical Education

In PE lessons this week pupils have focused on dribbling with speed with turning.  During tag rugby, pupils have been working on basic passing and catching.


This week, Year 5 music learned how to memorise the 12 bar blues chord progression using the steps of ‘chunking’, ‘linking’ and ‘reinforcing’. In doing so, students learned the structural formula for most rock n’ roll and blues songs that can be played using primary chords.

Design & Technology

This week in Design and Technology, the children have cut dowel pieces accurately and independently to 60mm length and are currently quality checking their product.  They are using abrasive papers in the correct sequence and are also applying an oil finish. They are becoming aware of the beautiful cellular structure of timber that comes out as they finish their project to a good standard.



  • Please see the spelling journal for spelling words this week.  Children should learn their spellings for a test and complete one of the spelling activities into their journal.  To be tested on Monday 28th November. 


  • My iMaths: To be completed by Wednesday 30th November.
  • Times tables: Please complete the times tables sheet into your homework book, using a pencil.  To be handed in on Wednesday 30th November.


  • Complete the comprehension into the homework book.  Please write in full sentences, using a pen.  To be handed in on Wednesday 30th November.
  • Read for at least 20 minutes per day. 

Project work:

Please continue with the project set.  To be handed in week beginning 12th December.


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