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    DCIS Proms 2016

30th September 2016


In English, the children have started to learn about explanation texts. They have identified the features of this genre in a range of explanations and have developed their understanding of causal connectives, using them in sentences with correct punctuation demarcation. Later in the week, they applied their learning when they were asked to explain how something worked using a range of causal and time connectives. They have developed oral explanations of processes that are familiar to them and will continue to build on this next week.


This week in maths, we have continued to learn and consolidate new written methods for multiplication and division, with a focus on the long methods. We have discussed, shared and compared our current strategies in order to find the most efficient. We have also applied our new knowledge of multiples, factors, square, cube and prime numbers to a ‘Talk it, solve it’ clues game and continued to apply this knowledge to real life problems in context.

Project Work

We have continued our map work this week, mainly concentrating on Southeast Asia and creating a shaded map of the countries in the vicinity of Singapore with the use of a key. We have also explored the idea of how mental maps help us in our everyday lives, creating our own personal map of Singapore featuring places that are important to us as individuals. We then considered the positive and negative effects of tourism, focusing on environmental, social and economic change.


This week, students revised the vocabulary of clothing and learnt how to express the quantity of clothing with two new measure words: “tiao” and “jian”. They also read a famous story: “animals should definitely not wear clothing,” by Judi Barrett, to consolidate what they’d learned. Please refer to the link for the flashcards containing vocabulary words and key grammar structure. Link: https://quizlet.com/_2j8h8t


In computing this week, students have continued using the second part of the website ‘Kodable’ in order to improve and develop their programming skills. Students can look at the website address http://game.kodable.com to develop their skills further.

Physical Education

In PE lessons this week, pupils have been working on dribbling with speed in football. Classes who are currently on double PE have been introduced to basic setting skills in volleyball or basic ball handling in tag rugby. Classes undertaking swimming have focused on partner peer observations of the front crawl.


No music this week as Mr Dwyer was absent.

Design & Technology

No DT this week as Mr Jauk was absent.



  •  Please see the spelling journal for spelling words this week. Children should learn their spellings for a test and complete one of the spelling activities into their journal. To be tested on Monday 3rd October. Please hand spelling journals to your spelling teacher.


  •  My iMaths: To be completed by Wednesday 28th September. 
  •  Times tables: Please complete the times tables grid into your homework book, using a pencil. To be handed in on Wednesday 5th October. 


  •  Complete the comprehension into the homework book. Please write in full sentences, using a pen. To be handed in on Wednesday 5th October. 
  •  Read for at least 20 minutes per day. 

Project Work: 

  •  Please continue with the project set. To be handed in week beginning 10th October.


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