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9th September 2016


This week, we have been continuing with our learning of Myths and Legends, developing the children’s understanding of characters and settings within the genre. They have created their own heroes, mythical beasts and imaginative settings and carefully written detailed character descriptions using figurative language, whilst focusing on varied sentence structures within their writing. Drama was used to bring their settings to life and the children have started planning the structure and events in their own myth in order begin writing next week.


In Maths, we have consolidated our understanding of place value using Maths Monopoly, and we have also been revising our knowledge of written methods for addition and subtraction. We have discussed the importance of rounding to estimate in order to check calculations and applied this knowledge in context to a range of worded problems.

Project Work

This week’s Project Work has seen the introduction of our new unit: The Holiday Show. We have begun to think about the impact of tourism and we have spent a couple of happy hours creating (and modelling!) various garments of clothing that could be used to advertise what our home countries have to offer the visitors who go there. See our efforts in the picture above! We have also enjoyed asking questions and offering opinions in the knowledge harvest process.


This week, we have concluded our revision from previous sessions. Students have been required to complete quiz tasks focusing on the four key skill areas of writing, reading, speaking and listening in order to allow their teacher have a better understanding on their learning progress. Please find the attached link for Mandarin revision resources for students to complete at home https://quizlet.com/_2fi15g.


In Computing this week, students were developing their coding skills even further by solving a range of puzzles using the Lightbot software. Students can try this at home by visiting the website http://www.abcya.com/lightbot.htm. Students have been securing their understanding about procedures and algorithms and tackling some of the more difficult tasks during the second part of this activity.

Physical Education

In PE lessons this week, pupils have been working on recording a time for 2 laps of our course in cross country. In Swimming, we have been analysing our partner’s back crawl strokes.


This week, students applied a walking bass line to a Rock n’ Roll harmony. Students also worked on the correct left-hand fingering to complement the three triads in the right-hand, and began applying this to ‘Hound Dog’.

Design & Technology

This week, the students commenced their first project; a useful timber wall hook. They started by preparing the timber, removing splinters and marking it out using the correct techniques. The children worked as independently as possible in order to promote problem-solving skills, self-awareness and to facilitate the opportunity for them to take pride in their accomplishments.



  •  Please see the spelling journal for spelling words this week. Children should learn their spellings for a test and complete one of the spelling activities into their journal. To be tested on Tuesday 13th September. Please hand spelling journals in to your spelling teacher.


  •  My iMaths: To be completed by Wednesday 14th September. 
  •  Times tables: Please complete the times tables grid into your homework book, using a pencil. To be handed in on Wednesday 14th September. 


  •  Complete the comprehension into the homework book. Please write in full sentences, using a pen. To be handed in on Wednesday 14th September. 
  •  Read for at least 20 minutes per day. 

IPC Project: 

  •  Your child is challenged to design and make a 3-D model or sculpture related to a country, city or area of their choice. This project has been kept deliberately open in nature so as to give the children a wide range of options to choose from. Possible ideas include; a famous landmark, food and drink, a 3-D map, natural geographical features, national musical instruments, country flowers etc. We would like the children to work on the project over several weeks, starting as soon as possible and ending during the hand-in period of the week before the half-term holiday (10th – 14th October 2016). Children are also encouraged to write a short paragraph explaining why they have chosen the particular subject of their project and giving some background information about it. The children should consider the final presentation of their project, which can be in any form, and they should be able to talk about the processes they went through to create it. If you have any questions, please see your class teacher.


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