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25th November 2016


This week the children been working on the topic: film narrative. They have explored 4 different short clips and evaluated each one. The have looked at how the director has engaged the audience through the use of camera angles, music, dialogue and composition. They have thoroughly enjoyed the topic so far!


This week in Maths we have been looking at Ratio and Proportion; we started off simplifying ratios and finding equivalent ratios before moving on to problems that involved sharing an amount between ratios. We also looked at proportions and how we can increase or decrease recipes by an equal proportion. Furthermore, we looked at how we can increase and decrease the size of a shape using the scale factor and how to find the scale factor when it is unknown. Finally, some of us also looked at how to solve direct and inverse proportion problems using algebra. 

Project Work

In Project this week we have continued to complete our forensic training. This has involved us exploring what is meant by a fair test and designing experiments to help us gain reliable results. To do this we had to find to consider what our variables were in an experiment and explore ways we could measure results. In addition, we made systematic and accurate measurements from observations, explained and justified predications, findings and conclusions and recorded and communicated our findings by using appropriate scientific vocabulary.

Next week, we will use these skills to conduct our own investigations.


Based on the learnt structure of time, this week, we focused on daily routine actions. Verb phrases were introduced to the students such as get up, have breakfast, have lunch, have dinner, go to school, go home, go to bed. Character recognition and writing were introduced. Sentence patterns to ask and respond about “What time do you…?” was practised during lessons.


In computing this week the students have been continuing to learn about functions and procedures based around computational thinking.

Physical Education

In PE lessons this week, pupils have focused on basic passing and putting this into small sided games during rugby. In fitness lessons, the classes have been learning about the benefits of circuit training.


This week, Year 6 learned to use the three steps music memorisation - ‘chunking’, ‘linking’ and ‘reinforcing’- to play by memory the formulaic chord progression of rock n’ roll of blues. Students then used the primary chords of C, F and G in a variety of rhythms, while keeping time over a rhythmic 4/4 backing track.

Design & Technology

This week in Design and Technology the children have cut dowel pieces accurately and, after instruction, independently to 60mm length and are currently quality checking their product. They are using abrasive papers in the correct sequence and are also applying an oil finish. They are becoming aware of the beautiful cellular structure of timber that comes out as they finish their project to a good standard.


Maths: My iMaths has been set.

English:  3 week project. To be completed Wednesday 14th January

As part of our film narrative project, we would like to see your skills as a film maker…

You have a choice: Choose 1 of the following:

  1. Create a short film on a topic of your choice and bring the video in / send to class teacher.
  2. Write a script for a short film of your choice.
  3. Create a short film animation.
  4. Complete a detailed storyboard for a film of your choice.
  5. Create a photo story of a short film

We will look forward to showcasing these at the end of the term!

Project work: To plan and carry out your own science experiment. See booklet for guidance. (3 week homework)

Spelling: Please see spelling journals for spelling list that will be tested next Friday.


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