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2nd December 2016


This week, the children have continued to explore narrative within films. They have looked an movie trailers and have written their own film review. Also, the children have analysed camera angles in details and discussed the director’s intentions of these. They have also taken part in reading comprehension activities.


This week in Maths we have been looking at Statistics and we started off by investigating the number of Smarties in a packet. For this we had to collect the appropriate information in the form of tally charts and frequency tables; we then reported our findings in a bar chart and analysed the data to find the range, mode, median and mean. We also looked at other types of data and identified the most appropriate way to record this information. From this we learnt how to draw line graphs and pie charts and how to interpret data from them.

Project Work

In Project this week we have continued to develop our enquiry skills through planning and carrying out fair test investigations. We also showcased our homework projects in our class science fairs. This generated lots of scientific discussions using our questioning, evaluating and justifying skills. Well done to everyone on the science project homework, they were fab!


In the final week for the topic of ‘Daily routine’. The students revised the learnt characters, words, verb phrases and sentence pattern about the topic. The fluency of oral expression, recognition and writing of the characters were consolidated in our Mandarin lesson. By the end of the week, a project had been done to show the key points from this topic.


In Computing this week we have been doing some debugging.  Everyone who writes code makes mistakes and it's up to us to find and fix the bugs in our code. Students have been solving algorithm problems and working independently and in pairs to solve some difficult challenges. Students have been visiting the website Code.org to work on various skills.

Physical Education

During tag rugby, pupils have been focusing on attacking skills, in particular using agility to beat defenders. This has then been put into small sided games. In fitness lessons, the classes have been devising and undertaking their own circuit.


In music this week, students learned how bass lines are often based upon the chords of a song. We particularly looked at how Blue Monk can be accompanied using C, F and G chord bass lines and passing tones. Some students then advanced to play these left-hand bass lines simultaneously with right-hand syncopation.

Design & Technology

Last week in Design and Technology the children completed their wall hooks and are very proud of their work. Please ask your child about how they made it, the tools they used and the processes they can now safely accomplish. This week we are beginning to learn about structures and 3D geometric forms. The children will be applying this understanding to the engineering challenge of building a tower from dry spaghetti strands in the coming weeks.


Maths: My iMaths has been set. Children also need to find a selection of 3D shapes or boxes. Class points will be awarded for the most obscure 3D shapes (Eg. hexagonal prisms). We will be using these for our Maths lessons next week.

English:  3 week project. To be completed Wednesday 14th December.

As part of our film narrative project, we would like to see your skills as a film maker…

You have a choice. Choose 1 of the following:

  1. Create a short film on a topic of your choice and bring the video in / send to class teacher.
  2. Write a script for a short film of your choice.
  3. Create a short film animation.
  4. Complete a detailed storyboard for a film of your choice.
  5. Create a photo story of a short film

We will look forward to showcasing these at the end of the term!

Project work: No homework set as half termly homework has been completed.

Spelling: No spellings to be set this week. They will continue next term. 


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