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7th October 2016


This week the children have performed their speech on animal cruelty and have done brilliantly with this. They have also been converting direct and indirect speech.


This week in Maths we have continued to develop our skills in percentages. We revisited our work from last week and used these skills to solve a variety of word problems including percentages of amounts, percentages off amounts, percentage increase and decrease and reverse percentages.

Project Work

In Project this week we have:

  • Developed our knowledge of historical primary and secondary sources
  • Researched an area of Singapore history, using a variety of historical sources including internet, books and photographs. 
  • Created timelines for our research and presented it to the class
  • Developed our knowledge further of historical sources by planning and carrying out a mock interview with Lee Hsien Loong.

This week students continued the topic on date. They learnt how to indicate special dates such as festivals and public holidays. Students also consolidated the new sentence patterns to work on the creating a Chinese Lunar calendar as a hands-on activity.


In computing this week, students have started to learn how to type codes and making characters move instead of drag and drop coding. They have been working through the activities on the website http://www.playcodemonkey.com. Many students loved to try out their coding skills and learn about repetition and writing efficient codes. The class should try to further their skills by completing these activities at home too.

Physical Education

In PE lessons this week pupils have been working on control and passing with accuracy within football. Classes who are currently on double PE have been continuing to practice basic setting skills in volleyball and have been introduced to the dig. Classes undertaking swimming have focused on partner peer observations of the back crawl.


Students consolidated their learning of riffs, blues scale, 12-bar form and primary chords. We looked at how baroque architecture and modern architecture can inspire ways in which a melodic contour can be similarly shaped, then improved our creative, collaborative and performing skills by applying this in a composition activity.

Design & Technology

This week in Design and Technology the children are continuing to learn how to safely drill holes. They are learning about how to safely use the cordless drill while applying their understanding of the theoretical functions of this tool to a practical experience. They are also learning how to locate centres using geometry and to work with accuracy.


Maths: Percentages - please see homework book.

English: Comprehension exercise

Project work:  Continue with quiz homework set last Friday:

In preparation for our exit point, prepare a quiz at home that asks questions about your home country. Your quiz should be multiple choice and should contain a variety of geography and history questions. We will collate all quizzes together and play as a class at the end of our topic. You have two weeks to complete this homework. You must also supply an answer pack.

Spelling: Please see spelling journals for spelling list that will be tested next Friday.


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