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  • British International School Hanoi Phuket Ho Chi Minh Sports

BIS Hanoi is expanding the competitive sporting events this year. During the course of last year, our students performed well in local competition. However, we wish to improve their quality of play and offer them the opportunity to compete at a higher level of competition. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we are taking students to participate in a swim meet at British International School, Ho Chi Minh City and a football tournament at the British International School, Phuket, Thailand. Everyone is very excited and students, parents and staff are working collaboratively to ensure that students are well prepared and able to participate to their best of their ability.

Students who will be representing the school nationally and internationally will be showcasing the values and ethos BIS stands for. With competition outside of Hanoi, students have the chance in competing in a different environment, grow in independence and make new international friends.

The Physical Education department would like to thank the parents for their involvement and wish all the students the best of luck for the trips. For the duration of these trips we would be wise to remember the words Mike Singletary; an American football player who, when asked what his favourite part of American Football is; he replied: “The opportunity to play.”

Good luck to all our pioneering BIS swimmers and footballers.

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