Ages 11 to 16


Our secondary and IGCSE curricula stretch our students personally and academically, inspiring them to be ambitious, develop lifelong skills, and cultivate a global mindset. In our thriving school community, your child will enjoy exceptional learning experiences – both in and outside of the classroom – and prepare for the IBDP through world-class academic teaching.

our secondary and igcse curricula

Our secondary students follow the English National Curriculum, which culminates in their IGCSE exams at 16. 

At this vital stage in their education, our curriculum offers students a broad and balanced range of experiences. We provide enriching opportunities for students to learn languages, deepen their knowledge of the world, take part in a vibrant sporting programme, be creative, and innovate.

We prioritise the development of crucial 21st century skills, too. We believe that when students possess the appropriate skills for the future, they can be agile, use their voices to drive change, as well as every facet of their learning journey. Ultimately, this lays strong foundations to progress to the IBDP, higher education, and beyond.


key stage 3

In Years 7-9, lessons are taught by subject specialists who encourage our students to take control of their learning, think analytically, and solve problems. 

Your child will study English, maths, and science. National students also follow compulsory Vietnamese. Other subjects include history, geography, performing arts, PE, languages, art and design, and computer science. 

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum prioritises independent learning. An international context is embedded into each subject, too, from exploring cultures through art to analysing literature from a global perspective. The curriculum is further enhanced by our exclusive collaborations with MIT, The Juilliard School, and UNICEF.  

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igcse curriculum

In Years 10-11, your child will study for their IGCSE exams. They’ll also follow our internationally accredited British International School Certificate (BISC) courses. Our teachers will tailor learning to their academic strengths and interests, as well as their aspirations for the future.  
Core subjects
Studying the core subjects – maths, English, and science – teaches our students fundamental and high-level skills that can be applied across the curriculum. The core subjects are not just indicators of academic ability, but are also integral to the outstanding education we offer.
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Foundation subjects
The foundation subjects build upon our students’ past experiences and knowledge, emphasizing health, wellbeing, and inquiry to broaden their understanding of the complexity of the world and human thought. This approach aims to open minds to diverse perspectives. Our students also continue their commitment to developing their first language. This may be through lessons delivered by our talented Vietnamese and Korean teachers, or language learning beyond the classroom.
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Optional subjects
We’re proud to offer a breadth of subjects that allow each student to create their own future. The range of options we provide develops knowledge and skills in different areas. Your child will choose from history, geography, Spanish or French, business studies, economics, computer science, art and design, dance, music, and drama. Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education is taught throughout Key Stage 4.
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There's no limit to what your child can achieve in a typical day at our school. That's thanks to our exceptional teachers, personalised learning experiences, and breadth of co-curricular activities.
Starting the day well
It’s a vital time in your child’s education, which is why we make sure they start the day in a positive way. Wellbeing activities – including mindfulness – build resilience, while themed assemblies embed our values of integrity, care, and respect.
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Starting the day well
Getting active
After a healthy lunch, students head to our grass pitch, pool, sports hall, and dance studio. Physical activity brings so many benefits, not only getting students moving, but also developing their leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.
Getting active
Life-changing adventures 

We support our older students to push themselves, take risks, and bounce back from setbacks. On once-in-a-lifetime residential trips to destinations across Vietnam, your child will overcome challenges and learn about themselves and others.

Life-changing adventures 
Inventing the future
A world of incredible discoveries awaits in our Maker Space, which hosts our innovative STEAM collaboration with MIT. Your child will harness the power of technology to find answers to questions set by university professors.
Inventing the future
So much choice!
Chess or computer science? Swimming or senior orchestra? Or how about hosting a podcast? Our co-curricular activity programme offers so much choice, ensuring everyone ends the day doing what they enjoy.
So much choice!
how we teach

specialists who inspire

Our teachers are truly exceptional. Inspiring, innovative, and committed to each student’s success, they bring a wealth of global experience to our secondary classrooms.
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Secondary students playing basketball during a CCA


At secondary, your child will make important decisions about their future. We encourage our students to follow their strengths and interests at IGCSE and IBDP level, and plan for university. We’ll guide your child through the process. 

To help our students discover and embrace their talents, we offer an array of activities beyond the curriculum, too. These include community volunteering, exceptional creative experiences, and team and individual sports.

Secondary STEAM room at BIS Hanoi
our facilities


Our serene yet stimulating campus is home to outstanding facilities, which inspire our students to learn, discover, and be their very best.

Artistry flourishes in bright creative spaces, while technology-rich classrooms, suites, and a STEAM Maker Space excite new ways of thinking. And in our state-of-the-art sports facilities, every student is inspired to get moving. 


Every student experiences excellence at BIS Hanoi. In our nurturing environment – where everyone feels like they belong – your child will enjoy a rich and varied education that sets them up for a bright future. 

OUR academic excellence
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