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The RICE Scholarship Programme

  • british international school hanoi RICE Scholarship Programme
  • british international school hanoi RICE Scholarship Programme
  • british international school hanoi RICE Scholarship Programme

On 9th October the Primary School Council joined the Secondary Charity and Community Committee to meet representatives from the RICE Scholarship Programme.  They heard about this organisation which supports students who have difficult home circumstances to attend school, giving them things they need to continue their studies – food, money, warm clothing and shoes, amongst other things.

The Primary School Council members were touched and interested in this project. They decided to donate all the money collected during Book Week and for the Halloween Mufti Day to the RICE Scholarship programme.  On Friday 28th November, some representatives from RICE attended the KS2 assembly where the PSC members presented them with a donation for 8, 500,000VND on behalf of the Primary School.  This is enough to provide scholarships for 10 children. 

As well as this donation, the Primary School Council would like to start a Shoe Box Appeal. Children in Primary will be encouraged to find a shoe box, decorate it and then buy some small gifts to put inside (for example, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, items of stationary, warm socks, gloves or scarves, small toys, etc.).  All the gift boxes will then be given to children linked with the RICE Scholarship programme in time for the Tet holiday.  Tet is a time for all to celebrate the New Year.  Through this Shoe Box Appeal, we hope that the Primary school children in BIS will be able to share their joy and happiness with others.

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