House Sports

Over the last two weeks we have seen House Sports events for both KS2 and KS1.  These events are eagerly looked forward to by all children.  They are well planned and a lot of fun, with events running continuously throughout the session keeping children active and giving them many opportunities to participate and push themselves to their limits.  There is a strong element of competition, particularly when the results are announced at the end, but there are no individual winners or losers, everything happens as part of a team and it is the team that wins or does not.  Ultimately, it is not winning that matters so much as participating, being part of a team and giving your all for that team and your team mates.

Primary house sport

Whether we like it or not, life frequently has an element of competition.   Whilst we may do our best in applications and interviews, whether we get the place we want at a particular university or the new job we are so keen to have depends very much on the strength of the other applicants.  Children have to learn about competition – it is a fact of life.  Events like House Sports enable children to experience competition, but in a safe, controlled way.  They may feel the pleasure of winning, or the sadness of losing, but as one of the team, not as an individual.  House Sports are about so much more than how fast you can run or how far  you can throw.


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