Year 6 Aquarium Trip

In our Science lessons so far this term, we have been learning about Classification – the method by which scientists can identify one species from another.  It has been a very interesting topic and we have learnt that all living things have a Latin Scientific name.  We thought it would be useful to examine some creatures and put our classifying skills to the test!  Where better to go than the Aquarium at Times City?

BIS Hanoi Primary BIS Hanoi Primary

We eagerly set off on the school buses, the excitement increasing by the minute!  Once we had queued for our entry tickets, we entered an amazing ‘cave’ inside which lives a huge variety of aquatic life.  Some of us could hardly believe our eyes!  We saw beautiful fish of all sizes, colours and shapes; we saw sting rays and sharks.  We even saw turtles and penguins!  It was truly thrilling.

BIS Hanoi Primary BIS Hanoi Primary BIS Hanoi Primary BIS Hanoi Primary

After a quick first look, we settled down to some scientific enquiry: we prepared our own classification grids, found the Latin names for our fish and made numerous detailed drawings of the fish that we found most fascinating.  We were lucky enough to witness penguin feeding time – those birds were so entertaining to watch and very patient as they waited for their food!

BIS Hanoi Primary BIS Hanoi Primary

We left the Aquarium with lots of new information and now feel that we are quite expert in the area of Classification!  If you have never been before – or even if you have – the Aquarium is a great place to spend some time.  It is actually rather relaxing watching the fish swimming gently by.

Philippa Rowlands, Primary Teacher

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