Mr Christopher Short Weekly Update 13/11/2015

As Mr Rowlands mentioned I was in Singapore last weekend for the annual FOBISIA Senior Leaders meeting. It was an excellent opportunity to catch up with fellow school leaders and meet education suppliers. As I have been teaching in Asia for over 20 years I wasn’t surprised to meet people I knew but I was surprised by how many people I know! I lived in Singapore as a child so it is always interesting to go back and see what has changed and what hasn’t.

BIS Secondary

The first day of the conference gave me information session on every area of education I feel is important. After a briefing on Cambridge International Exams developments we had a session on the latest advances on educational theory and practise. This was followed by an inspiring lecture on exploring the Antarctic and Arctic by Robert Swan OBE and a discussion on the environmental lessons the Polar Regions can give us. In the afternoon we had a briefing on Child Protection from various education and law enforcement people with a final session on the role of meditation in promoting mindfulness. So information on further development in qualifications, great teaching and learning, outdoor education, keeping children safe and educating the whole person; a full and rewarding day.

I met with the Student Council this week. Both the Student Council and I had a burning issue to discuss so it was a great opportunity and I am grateful to Mr Toner for arranging the meeting. The Student Council was our first student leadership opportunity. We now have 7 different leadership opportunities for students in school but Student Council remains the only group chosen by students’ peers. We have decided to meet more regularly so we can increase dialogue in the school.

Mr Christopher Short, Head of Secondary

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