Music Education, Cognitive Development and Academic Achievement

Today saw the launch of ‘Music Month’ at BIS Hanoi. Whilst many people are aware of the benefits to engaging in Music, few know about the relationship between Music and the brain. The last 20 years has witnessed a great technological revolution – this has allowed scientific research to flourish. One of the largest parts of research to occur is that of neuro-musical and neuro-imaging. Scientists have identified the impact of students studying Music, showing the brain to be more effective with higher functional capacity. Cognitive development is also greatly improved, creating a positive impact on academic achievement (particularly Maths and English).

British International School Hanoi Music

The Performing Arts Team are very busy at the moment organising many performance opportunities for students at BIS. The Whole School Winter Concert is at 6pm on Thursday 3rd December and the Early Years Christmas Celebration is being held on Wednesday the 16th of December. Auditions are also under way for this year’s Secondary School production of ‘West Side Story’.
Please enjoy reading the links and articles attached to learn more about the effects of music on the brain and remember: Music is more than just fun, it has the ability to improve your grades in all subjects!

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