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Year 1 visit to Gaia Pet Clinic

As part of Year 1’s IPC topic on “The Jobs People Do” they visited Gaia Pet Clinic on Wednesday this week.

On arrival we were met by the vet and the Gaia staff, the vet told us about her job and all the different things we would see at the clinic. The children then had the opportunity to ask questions to further their understanding of what a vet does.

Year 1 visited the "Pet Hotel" where pets stay when their owners go on holiday. We met a very friendly dog called Billie and all the children took it in turns to gently stroke her. She had very soft and fluffy fur.

BIS Hanoi - Primary

After that we visited the "Pet Hospital". The vet showed us around the hospital and explained what happened in each area.

BIS Hanoi - Primary

This is how they weigh the dogs, can you guess which scale the use for the really big dogs?

BIS Hanoi - Primary

Year 1 visited the operating theatre, this dog is getting ready to have an operation.

BIS Hanoi - Primary

The vets are helping the dog to stay warm and calm. Year 1 were really good at remembering to stay quiet too!

BIS Hanoi - Primary

1B are looking at some pets that are recovering from operations. Many of these pets were sleeping and resting.

BIS Hanoi - Primary

We saw a dog that had just given birth to 3 puppies! We had to stay a little bit away because the mother was very protective of her puppies. They are very cute and hadn't even opened their eyes yet.

BIS Hanoi - Primary

Here we are looking at an x-ray of a dog. Can you see its spine?

BIS Hanoi - Primary

The vet showed us an ultrasound of a dog that had 3 puppies in her tummy. We could see their hearts beating on the monitor.

BIS Hanoi - Primary

BIS Hanoi - Primary

Finally we fed some big fish in a pond.

Year 1 certainly learnt a lot on their trip to Gaia Pet Clinic. Now they are experts at taking care of pets! All the children enjoyed the visit and talked about all the animals they had seen all the way back to school!

Kate Fitzpatrick -

Year 1 teacher & EYFS/KS1 coordinator

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