Police Officers visited Year 1

Year 1 had 2 special visitors this week! They had to make sure they were on their best behaviour as the visitors were Police Officers!

Year 1 had thought of lots of questions to help them learn more about "The Jobs People Do" which is our topic this term.

BIS Hanoi - Primary

The children listened very carefully to the police officer as he explained all about his job. Did you know that sometimes he has to sleep at the police station! Year 1 thought this was very interesting and they asked him if he had a house also. He did!

BIS Hanoi - Primary

Year1 asked the Police Officer about the different vehicles he uses as part of his job. We learnt that usually he drives a special police motorbike but he also has a police car. Year 1 then asked him if the police have a helicopter. He told us they do but it is reserved for big emergencies.

BIS Hanoi - Primary

1B were very interested to find out about how the Police Officer catches the "bad guys". They asked him several questions on this theme! He told us that he knows how to do karate and this helps him to catch the 'bad guys". He also showed us the handcuffs he uses once he has caught them!

BIS Hanoi - Primary

Finally he explained what all the different parts of his uniform were and what they represented. It was a really interesting visit and 1B learnt a lot!

Kate Fitzpatrick - EYFS & KS1 coordinator

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