Anti Bullying Week

This year, we used anti-bullying week as an opportunity to remind students of the importance of kindness. Students watched Kid President Robby Novak meet the real president of the USA. In their meeting President Barack Obama gave the following advice. “We can change the world by treating each other with kindness and respect. We should treat everybody fairly. If everybody did that and kept doing that right into adulthood our world would have far fewer problems.”

We were also reminded by a Fred Rogers interview that during times of tragedy and sadness we should look for helpers. Helpers give us hope. This message has relevance in our day to day lives far too often.


In their life skills lesson, students were encouraged to find kind words to say to each other to demonstrate how kindness can evoke feelings of elation and happiness. We are lucky at BIS Hanoi that our students already demonstrate great kindness and generosity in their day to day interactions with each other.

If students do feel any concerns about their wellbeing or the wellbeing of others they should not hesitate to approach an adult at school who can support them.

Rachel Stevenson, Teacher of Business Studies

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