Make a Noise About Bullying!

‘Make a noise about bullying’ was the theme of anti-bullying week this year and our Primary School certainly did that this morning as they went on a parade around the school to protest against bullying.

Led by our Primary School Council representatives, all the Primary children and adults gathered in the auditorium and then paraded through the school. Some classes had made colorful banners, placards and flags to carry and others had designed costumes displaying their anti-bullying message. One thing they all did was make a noise! There was cheering, shouting, musical instruments and even pots and pans being clanged as we made our way past the classrooms. Many of our secondary children came out to see what all the fuss was about and cheered us as we went past shouting messages of friendship! We made so much noise that even Mr Rowlands came out to cheer us on.

It was a fantastic end to a brilliant week in Primary and all the children and adults had a great time making a noise about bullying!

Alice Cust-Hughes - Year 2 Class Teacher

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