Mr Christopher Short Weekly Update 27.11.2015

I fly a fair amount and usually sit at the front of economy which on most Vietnam Airlines planes (except the A330) begins the seat numbers at 10. However, it took me several months to notice that the planes don’t have a row 13. While sitting in row 14 last weekend waiting to take off this got me thinking, I’m about to start Week 13 so I’m going to monitor how this week goes compares to other weeks!

I have a frequent conversation with colleagues and students in school. People will say ‘it’s really busy’ quickly followed by ‘which is great and better than the alternative’. Last Friday’s assembly had 6 different sections on 6 very different aspects of school life which illustrated our vibrancy very well.

We are a busy and productive school and have a lot going on both in and out of the classroom. In the last few weeks we’ve had our 1


Challenge Day this year, numerous sports fixtures, teacher lunchtime lectures, TED talks, competitions, production auditions, charity and community events on top of all the activities in the classroom. The aim, of course, is to give students as many opportunities to develop both their academic and other skills so they are ready for the most competitive universities and careers beyond that.

Mr Christopher Short, Head of Secondary

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