Mr Christopher Short Weekly Update 06/11/2015

This week I was honoured to be invited to a lecture on the life of Frank Loseby and his role as Ho Chi Minh’s lawyer in Hong Kong. The lecturer talked about the importance the rule of law and its role in ensuring trust in a country for Investment or otherwise.

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BIS Secondary

Frank Loseby[/caption]

Listening to the lecture I couldn’t help thinking about the parallels between the rule of law and a well-run school. The legal system is the curriculum, the organised way that we put together lessons and courses to ensure a comprehensive programme for all students. The teachers are the lawyers who use the curriculum to get the very best of the students. Examinations and assessments are like the judgments and the whole process the fair and equal to all people, the only difference is that the more work you put in the more you get out.
This linked very well with the assembly we ran on integrity last Friday. I presented students with a number of scenarios that require them to act with integrity from doing her homework to picking up litter in the corridor.

Mr Christopher Short, Head of Secondary

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