Road Safety Days

Next week all classes in Primary will be dedicating some of their time to learning about road safety. Each year around the world hundreds of children are involved in serious accidents coming to or from school so it is important that our children know how to be safe when on the road.

BIS Hanoi Primary

This year’s theme is ‘Drive less, Live more!’ The idea is to get children to think of different ways to travel that are safer or better for our planet. During the week children will be encouraged to walk or cycle to school. Those children that travel by bus will also be encouraged to walk or cycle when out and about nearer to their homes.  There will be prizes and certificates for those that walk or cycle 4 or more times during the week.
During the week all children will have the chance to participate in a number of competitions, challenges and activities as well as having their very own disco!  As it is nearly Christmas we have combined the joy of a Christmas disco with some road safety awareness. Each child will receive 2 glow sticks to remind them to stay bright and visible but also to help them ‘get their groove on’ during their disco!
The discos will be happening at different times in the week depending on the year group. To cover costs of the glow sticks and raise a little money for our school charities we ask children to bring in

30,000 VND

and hand it to their teacher. Children can hand in their donations before or after their disco as long as it is before

Friday 18th December

What to remember:

•    Encourage your children to walk or cycle as much as they can during the week.

•    Offer them support with their competition entries if they need it.

•    Help them be charitable by enabling them to bring in 30,000 VND.

•    Discuss how to be safe on the roads with your children.

Thank you for all your support!

Mr. Holmes and the Road Safety Team

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