Year 3 and The Good Dinosaur

This week Year 3 had an exciting trip to Vincom Platinum Cinema. They had spent the last 8 weeks learning all about the world of the dinosaurs and they really wanted to see these Amazing animals up close. However as time travel isn’t possible we did they next best thing and watched the latest dinosaur movie ‘The Good Dinosaur’. The children were eager to see one of their favourite long-necked creatures, the Apatosaurus, on the big screen.

BIS Hanoi Primary

We arrived promptly after a short walk from school. Luckily, the cinema had been opened early just for the children and after collecting their popcorn they settled down to watch the film.

BIS Hanoi Primary

BIS Hanoi Primary

All the children really enjoyed the film. There was lots of laughter and even some tears as the film’s hero, Arlo, battled to get back home. The amazing animation and exciting story really brought the world of the dinosaurs to life for the pupils and it made sure we finished our dinosaur topic on a high!

Mr Thomas Holmes – Year 3 teacher

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