Mr Christopher Short Weekly Update 04.12.2015

Last week was anti bullying week in school. Ms Stevenson organised some activities and ran an excellent assembly on the issues around bullying. She made a really good point that just because we don’t have a bullying problem doesn’t mean we should ever be complacent.

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I was privileged to be part of a group of 4 Secondary staff representing BIS along with our Primary colleagues at the Nord Anglia Education Regional Conference. It is always difficult to make decisions as to what events to attend, it is essential to attend conferences and training sessions to ensure our practice is always up to date but that has to be balanced with time away from school and the classroom. The NAE Conference is one of the best I have been to with a clear focus on teachers and school leaders working together to share great ideas on improving schools that are already functioning at a very high standard.

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One of the issues we discussed was school transition and its impact on student attainment. Professor John Hattie has done research on the issue and mobility between schools is the biggest single negative impact on student attainment that he found (the full list is at

). As all International Schools know, mobility is often unavoidable, and schools such as ours plan for this, but I do think Hattie’s research is interesting in analysing discretionary mobility and its negative influence on a desired goal. What adds more interest to this is that Hattie’s research also says that dropping a year group also has a negative effect (-0.16).

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Mr Christopher Short, Head of Secondary

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